I Didn’t Pay Full Price for Anything Today!

save money

I did it – I successfully completed Day 1 of the challenge!

If you're not familiar with this money saving challenge, we are trying to go 1 week without paying full price for ANYTHING! Please feel free to jump in anytime on this challenge, but you might want to read through a few money saving tips first!

My day began bright and early at a golf tournament with my son, and instead of renting a cart I decided to walk to save money and get some exercise. Never mind that it was 100+ degrees and humid!

He played his best round of the summer and is tied for second, so he wanted to “celebrate” at Whataburger. Yikes, obstacle #1 of my challenge! I reminded him of my challenge and told him we didn't have any Whataburger coupons, so he said that he'd pay half! I suppose that counts as paying half price!

Tomorrow is day 2 of the golf tournament, and I'll be getting my exercise again, but this time we'll be packing a lunch!

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