How to Make a Piñata Your Kids Will Go Crazy Over

Children's party will never be complete without pinata full of sweet goodies. Make one on your own with just basic materials.

A Piñata is not only a fun and unique decoration for your party, but also great entertainment for your guests, especially the kids! You don't have to buy and overpriced Piñata at your local store, because by following these instructions you can make one on your own. Following the simple steps below enables you to create a vibrant Piñata that you will likely have just as much fun building as breaking.

You need:

  1. Scissors
  2. Masking tape
  3. Craft glue
  4. Various colors of crepe paper
  5. Star-shaped balloon
  6. Various colors of party hats
  7. 1/2 cup of flour, 1 1/2 cup of water, mixing bowl
  8. paint brush, string
  9. Newspaper

First, you need to blow up the star-shaped balloon. Use balloon pump.

diy pinata
Step 1:Blow up the balloon.

Grab the party hats. Place each one on every tip of the balloon. Secure them with masking tape. Put the masking tape at the edges of the hat since you do not want to ruin the overall appearance of Piñata.

diy pinata
Step 2:Place party hats on every tip of the balloon.

After that, you will make the paper mache. Pour 1/2 cup of flour into the bowl and mix it with 1 1/2 cup of water. Give it a whisk.  Grab the newspaper and cut them into strips about 2 inch in width. Get one strip and soak it into the mixture. If the strip is well covered, bring it out and gently remove the excess mixture. After that, place the strip on the center of the balloon. Repeat the procedure until the entire balloon is covered with paper mache. Then, let it dry for the next layer. In this tutorial, the balloon is covered with 3 layers of paper mache.

diy pinata
Step 3:Put the paper mache on the star balloon.

After that, you will start decorating the Piñata. Fold over a piece of crepe paper about 3 inches in length. Make fringe on this piece. Do the same with the other colors. Pour craft glue into a bowl and mix it with little water. Whisk. Using paintbrush, apply the mixture on the piñata and place the crepe paper. Repeat until the entire balloon is covered with colorful crepe paper.

diy pinata
Step 4:Decorate the piñata with crepe paper.

Using knife, make a hole at the top of the balloon.Pick a handful of goodies and place it inside the piñata. Fill it with candies, chocolates and other sweets. To close this opening, create two small holes at both sides and insert the string. Then, secure it with a knot.

diy pinata
Step 5:Fill the piñata with goodies.

For the final touch, although not necessary, bundle up the strips of the various colors of crepe paper. Tie them up and staple it on the tip of the cone of the piñata.

diy pinata
Step 6:Staple a bundle of crepe paper on tip of each cone.

And you're finished! All you have to do is hang it for party testing.

diy pinata
Step 7:Hang the piñata for testing.

Watch How it is Done

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