How to Make Bookshelf Dollhouse Your Daughter will Love!

Turn the old bookshelf into a pretty dollhouse your little girl will love. Amazing, craft and colorful.

Turn an old bookshelf into a colorful dollhouse your girls will surely love. It is the perfect playground for kids. Also, it is excellent for people who collect dolls their entire lives and need a place to display their collection.  Either way this project is fun, quick and useful.

You need:

  • Bookshelf
  • Fabric Mod Podge
  • Decorative fabric/paper
  • Gloss Mod Podge

First, we have to put the flooring. Decide whether you want to use fabric or paper. If you are using fabric, iron it first. Determine the measurement of your flooring and trim your fabric according to its size. Use Fabric Mod Podge to secure the fabric on the floor. Smoothen it to avoid wrinkles. If you are going to use paper, use Gloss Mod Podge. Apply it to the flooring, place the paper and coat it with more Gloss Mod Podge. Let all the floors dry.

diy bookshelf dollhouse
Step 1: Cover the floors with fabric or decorative paper.

Second, we decorate back wall of the bookshelf. Choose 3-4 fabrics/decorative papers that go well with your flooring. Next, divide the back wall into four equal sections (if the back wall is already attached, then skip this step). After that, use fabric or gloss mod podge to place the fabric or paper on the wall. If finished, gently attach the back wall to the bookshelf.

diy bookshelf dollhouse
Step 2:Do the same with the back walls.

After the walls and floors are done, it is time to install the decors. You can use cut out pictures ideal for bedroom, kitchen and living room of your dollhouse. Use gems, jewels or small frames to beautify every corner of the rooms.

diy bookshelf dollhouse
Step 3:Place some decor in every room.

If you are satisfied with all the decors, you can now place the small furniture as well as the dolls. As you put them one by one, the dull and one-color bookshelf slowly comes to life, which is amazing to watch. If you have talent in interior designing, then this is the time to show it.

diy bookshelf dollhouse
Step 4:Put little furniture and dolls in the bookshelf dollhouse.

If everything is set, then you have a vibrant bookshelf dollhouse that puts your collection in full display.

diy bookshelf dollhouse
Step 5:The bookshelf dollhouse is ready for the kids to play.

Watch How it is Done

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