How to make a Lame DIY Travel Wallet that will Keep Pickpockets Away

Keep and secure your essential with this DIY travel wallet. No need to spend a lot when you can make one on your own.

Traveling is one of the goals of many people these days. However before we start your adventure, it is very important to organize some essential documents. This is the purpose of a wallet in your journey. But a new wallet is out of your budget. No worries because you can make your own wallet with a few materials.

You need:

  • Foam sheet (1 sheet, 12″ x 18″)
  • Elastic band
  • Ruler
  • Cutting mat
  • X-acto blade
  • Scissors
  • Bone folder
  • Glue gun
  • Bottle cap (optional)

The foam sheet comes in various colors so you can choose what you like. Moreover, since it is foam it has waterproof qualities protecting your IDs, passports and stuffs. Start by cutting down the foam to 15” x 9”. Use bone folder to trace the measurements, instead of a pen marker. Before you start cutting, place the cutting mat under the foam. Finally, use blade for a clean cut.

Diy travel wallet

Next, trace a line using a bone folder in the middle. When done, put a line 4.5” away from the center line in both sides. When folded, these will serve as your pockets. Then, cut a 1 ½ inch rectangle on top of the left flap. Then on the right flap, trace a line 3” from the top. Mark only, do not cut.

Diy travel wallet

If you aim round corners for your wallet, get a plastic cap to cut the corners out. For the pocket flaps, fold them over and place the cap on the corner and cut around it. Be careful in using the blade. You do not want to cut yourself doing your DIY travel wallet.

Diy travel wallet

If done, we will finally fold the flaps to make the pockets of your wallet. Use glue gun to secure the pockets tightly. If you do not like using glue gun, make sure the glue you will use is strong enough. Glue the left flap on the bottom. Fold it over. Then on the right flap, glue the bottom, top and on the marked line. Again, fold it over.

Diy travel wallet

Finally, the band to secure everything (you can also use rubber band or hair tie). Measure the band around your wallet giving it a little pull for tension. You want to lose the band a bit to allow you to stretch over the wallet but not too lose that your things fall off from the wallet. Trace a mark on the center of the wallet on the outside. This will serve as your guide on where to put the band. Glue the one end of the band on the mark. Next, glue the other end around making the two ends meet. Remove the excess glue. Swing around the band to close your wallet.

Diy travel wallet

You can also bring out your creative juices and design your wallet as you desire.

Watch How it is Done

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