How to Find the Best Black Friday Deals

How to Find the Best Black Friday Deals

Retail stores have begun gearing up for the upcoming Black Friday sales.

If you’re new to bargain shopping, “Black Friday” is the day after Thanksgiving and the official beginning of holiday shopping. Back when accounts were kept by hand, retailers referred to this day as “Black Friday” because all of the shopping would shift their accounts from red to black.

With so many shoppers, how can you be sure to grab the best deals? Here are five ways to find the best Black Friday deals this holiday season.

Inventory and List

Before heading out or online to any sale, make sure you have a list of your current gift inventory. These are gifts that you’ve bought throughout the year and stored for birthdays or Christmas presents. Those gifts are easy to forget, especially if, like me, your stash is stored in three totes in a basement closet.

If you have a “gift-closet” situation, go through your stash of gifts now and inventory what you have and who the gifts are meant for. Take the list with you everywhere, especially when shopping the Black Friday ads. That way, you can stay focused through the hype, knowing exactly what you’re looking for!

Shop All Year…Starting Now!

If you haven’t yet started shopping all year for Christmas presents, I highly recommend it. Plus, you can start now! There are many pre-Black Friday sales with special deals on electronics, apparel, and toys among other items.

Grab a pen and paper (or your computer keyboard) and make a list of people for whom you want to buy presents this holiday season. Next to each name, write a budgeted amount you’d like to spend along with one gift idea. Start shopping the Sunday ads and searching the internet for the products you’re looking for – chances are high that you’ll run across unexpected deals. Once you purchase something for someone, write it down on your list and move on to the next person!

Skip Black Friday

According to major news outlets, retailers aren’t waiting until Black Friday to cut prices. Overall, great deals started in September and will continue through the day before Christmas.

Before hanging all of your hopes on Black Friday deals, start shopping in stores and online now for prices that are as low (or close to it) as Black Friday prices. This way, you can still purchase great gifts without straining your budget.

Shop in Your Pajamas

I have never gone out for Black Friday shopping. I may get up early, but I prefer to stay in my pajamas until noon the day after Thanksgiving.

That doesn’t mean I’m not shopping! When my kids were little, I began focusing on shopping online, and I never looked back. You can find Black Friday deals usually earlier in the morning before the in-store sales start or during specific hours during the day, as well as on Cyber Monday (the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend). Plus, you don’t have to fight traffic and stand in line for hours only to discover that the item you wanted is gone. Whatever you purchase is shipped to you (many times for free), and you haven’t had to change out of pajamas!

Connect With Like-Minded People

Finding others online who love Black Friday deals as much as you do won’t be hard, and they’ll help you stay informed about the best Black Friday deals for your list.

Take time now to check out blogs, websites, and forums that focus on Black Friday – some of these only run during this time of the year. Join conversations and begin making connections, introducing yourself and sharing the specific items you’re looking for. There’s probably someone out there who can help, and you may also be able to help someone else during this process!


Kelly Wilson is an editor for Teaching Resource Center, a teacher store specializing in bargain prices for educational supplies all year long.

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