Help! I Blew My Budget Again

I blew my budget
It’s a new week, and you’re ready to follow your new budget and save some serious money.

Day one goes really well. You bring your lunch to work and save $10. You skip your afternoon Starbucks run to save another $4, and you opt for a DIY manicure to save a whopping $25. WOW! $39 saved today. Imagine if you could do that everyday … you’d save $1,170 a month and $14,040 a year.

Days two, three and four, you’re on a money-saving “high.” This budgeting thing is easy!

Day five, your friends invite you to the grand opening of a new clothing store and you give into temptation, kicking off a spending binge.

Does this scenario sound familiar? How many times have you started budgeting and then given up within a week or two? Probably about as many times as you’ve started a diet. Well, here are some tips for sticking to a budget for longer than just a few pay cycles.

This is an excerpt of an article I wrote for H&R Block. You can read the entire article on the H&R Block Dollars and Sense Blog.

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