FREE Clothes, Accessories and Toys – How to Host a Swap Party!

Have fun on a budget and bring home some new stuff while trading off old ones!
It's time to put on sweaters, scarves and boots, but your budget just won't allow for any fall clothes shopping.  So,  what to do?  Organize a swap party with your friends.  It's clothes shopping and a party all rolled into one! You'll get rid of clothing, accessories or childrens toys that you no longer use, and you'll leave the party with new found treasures!

Ready, Set, Swap!
Here's how the swap party works:

  1. Invite friends to a clothing swap.  If you invite lots of girls (like a church group), you can have various sizes to offer.  If you want just a small group of friends, make sure they all wear the same size.
  2. Each person brings 5 pieces of gently used clothing (or whatever amount you determine).
  3.  Round 1 begins…each guest draws a number, and the person drawing #1  picks a piece of clothing, then #2 and so on.
  4.  Round 2 begins…each guest draws a new number and then proceeds as above.  Drawing numbers at the beginning of each round is the best way to insure that the same person doesn't always get first choice.
  5. Continue until all the clothing is gone, and then head to your closet with your “new” clothes.
  6.  A swap party is even easier with accessories (costume jewelry, purses and scarves) because you don't have to worry about sizes! We all have accessories that we don't wear anymore, or they were gifts that we never wore because they just weren't our style.


  1. How about a swap party with children's clothing or even toys!
  2.  Of course, you don't have to do the numbers…it just turns the swap into more of a game!  Your swap can be as simple as come with 5 pieces of clothing or accessories or toys and leave with 5 new pieces of clothing or accessories or toys!


A swap party is like having lots of sisters that you can trade stuff with! I'm always envious of friends that have lots of sisters that always trade clothes, accessories and kids stuff. I only have one sister, she's a size 0, and I am not!

Please leave a comment to share your swap success stories!

Have fun on a budget!


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