Festive and Frugal Gift Idea – No Sew Scarves

As a newlywed on a budget, I’m pinching pennies this Christmas. I’d love to buy my loved ones the very best, but we’re just getting started as a married couple and thrifty spending is definitely a priority.

This year, I’m relying heavily on DIY gifts — namely DIY scarves! Now, I’m no seamstress, so sewing isn’t really an option. Luckily, there are several DIY no sew scarves. I’m going to share a few of my favorites.

No Sew Scarves

1. This first DIY is seriously the easiest scarf DIY out there — and any fashionable gal on your list would love to receive this DIY circle scarf. For this one, all you need is scissors and a t-shirt.

DIY t-shirt scarf

2. Ponchos are a big fashion trend this winter, and it’s so easy to make your own! Affordable Scarves made a DIY poncho. A large square scarf and some scissors are all you need for this project. Ponchos look great belted around the waist, so you could throw a belt into the gift for a very wearable and thoughtful surprise!

DIY scarf poncho

3. I seriously can’t believe this next one is a no-sew scarf. All you need is an XL t-shirt, a paper plate, and scissors — the result is a chic ruffled scarf. You can add a cute brooch to the gift so the lucky recipient can style it.

DIY ruffle scarf

4. Even the guy on your list will appreciate a manly no sew fleece scarf. Choose fabric that shows off his favorite sports team, his favorite color, or even a print like camo.

no sew fleece scarf

5. A DIY Scarf Headband that would make a perfect stocking stuffer. A basic headband, a scarf, scissors, and a glue gun are all the supplies needed for this sweet DIY.

DIY scarf headband

Do you ever give DIY gifts as Christmas presents?

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