Festive, Frugal and Almost Free Christmas Gift Ideas

free christmas gift ideas

Still need more gifts?

Feeling low on funds?

No worries!

The Budget Diet Girl is your Christmas gift-giving angel with 6 festive, frugal and almost free Christmas gift ideas. Even better…no shopping required!

Write a Poem – If there's a writer in you, put pen to paper and write a poem to a friend or family member. Now, go grab a dollar store frame, and there you have your first almost free gift. When our children were young, I would write poems to their teachers and coaches at the end of the year. My favorite? The “Ode to Mrs. Hartman” – feel free to copy it!

In the dog days of August, you returned to school,
and greeted your students looking so cool!

On the first day of class, we could certainly see…
Mrs. Hartman’s fifth grade was the place to be!

Reading & writing, banking & more…
you certainly helped Christopher soar!

Now the school year is over, so kick up your feet
because you are the teacher that can’t be beat!

Make a CD – Put together a CD of your favorite Christmas songs or your favorite party songs or your favorite workout songs…you get the idea. It's personal, it's frugal and yes…it's almost free!

Host a Slumber Party – Invite all of your nieces and nephews for a Christmas slumber party complete with popcorn, movies and games! This is a 2-for-1 gift because the parents get to enjoy a night out without paying for a babysitter. Win, win.

Make Greeting Cards – If you're a scrapbook queen, you likely have piles of leftover “scraps”. Be the creative gal you are and create sets of greeting cards using up all those bits and pieces. Very resourceful!

Create a Cookbook – I'm not talking about a major publishing feat…just a simple collection of your best recipes copied and put into a 3-ring binder. If you're a good cook, don't underestimate this almost free gift idea.

Give Heirlooms – Downsizing? Family heirlooms make great (and free!) gifts. How about a special Christmas ornament or a set of dishes? Don't forget to include a note with the story behind the gift.

Please leave a comment to share your favorite festive, frugal and almost free Christmas gift ideas.


image courtesy of David Castillo Dominic, FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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