Father’s Day Gifts

homemade fathers day gifts
Father's Day, gifts for men…always a challenge!

Got gifts?

Need ideas?

Read on!

In my opinion, men are the most difficult to shop for, so I've come up with a solution that's perfect for Father's Day, Dad's birthday or any special day for the man in your life! It's called…A Day For Dad!
A Day For Dad

  • Plan a day that revolves around all dad's favorites…favorite foods, favorite activities, favorite movie & more!
  • When dad opens his homemade Father's Day card (in the morning) have a note with a clue about his first activity! Once he figures it out…let the fun begin!
  • After he finishes his first activity, present him with clue #2!
  • The day will continue with clues & fun!
  • If your children are old enough, let them each plan an activity or cook one of the meals.
  • Younger children will love making homemade Father's Day gifts to give!

Take a look at some of our most memorable “Days For Dad”…yes, they all revolve around his favorite things!

  • Camping!
    My husband loves to camp, so we surprised him with a family campout, and a few small camping items for his gifts!
  • Golf
    We surprised him with a round of golf at one of his favorite area courses, & we've established it as an annual tradition! It's called “The Bucket Tournament”, and the winner gets to fill the bucket with his favorite snacks!
  • Beer
    For his 40th birthday, we gave him 40 beers, for 40 years! With the help of the local liquor store, I selected 40 different beers along with a book called “The Beer Lovers Guide”.
  • Favorite Food
    My husband loves a good hamburger, so when we first moved to Houston I found the restaurant that was supposed to have the best burgers in town. This was our dinner stop after the round of golf!
  • Tools
    My husband is not a handyman, but one year he wanted a drill (I still don't think he's used it!). Instead of traditional gift wrap, we had him follow a “string trail” throughout the house until he arrived at his toolbox which we had cleaned out, organized & put the new drill in!
  • Homemade Father's Day Gifts
    Over the years, a few of our favorite homemade Father's Day gifts have been: homemade picture frame for my husband to take to his office, a hand-painted #1 dad t-shirt, a shoe box decorated to be a “catch all” in his closet and a painted rock paperweight!

So, think outside of the traditional “gift box” and certainly think beyond the necktie!

Go make a list of dad's favorites, and soon you'll have a plan for Father's Day!

If you have a favorite Father's Day gift…do tell! Simply click the title of this post, and a comment box will appear!


Image courtesy of: nuttakit / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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Birthday Gifts For Mom
9 years ago

Hi from the internet! The presents in this story are super
cool, and I can really tell a heap of creative effort was used
to find the ideas. It was super informative. My
boy is hard to buy for because his choices is a bit unique, but there are a
couple of items here that that he will ACTUALLY like. So well done.
This gift list was very convenient as my cousin way
to much of a collector. PS it would be fantastic if a 2014 April version of this list written.
I’d really like that. so kudos

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