Don’t Waste Time

Weekly Challenge – Don’t Waste Time

If you’re a mom, chances are your to-do list is like a never ending roller coaster. Our days begin by getting the children off to school, followed by a few errands, maybe a visit to the doctor, picking the children up from school and shuffling the children to and from extracurricular activities. Now, repeat this scenario five days a week!

We all need more time, and Stacy of Missouri City, Texas suggests we take advantage of “hidden pockets of time.”

What exactly is a “hidden pocket of time”? Believe it or not, we all have more time than we think!

Don’t waste time in the car pool line! How about writing thank you notes when you’re waiting? Wow, that’s another item off the to do list!

Don’t waste time in the doctor’s office! Have you ever thought of paying your bills while you sit in the waiting room?

Don’t waste time while you wait for your daughter at dance class! What about addressing your daughter’s birthday invitations while she’s in class?

Yes…these are the “hidden pockets of time” that are begging to be used, and look how much you accomplished in just one day!

Don’t waste time – it’s your weekly challenge! Once you learn to tackle this challenge, you’ll see your to do list shrink, and you’ll be able to enjoy a little “me” time at the end of the day!

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