Last-Minute Halloween Costume: DIY Witch Hat

Cast spells on your neighbors with this DIY Witch Hat. It is simple and inexpensive to make. Kids will surely love it!
Image source: Ana | DIY Crafts on Youtube

I get it, what with decorating the house and getting your kids' costumes ready, you totally forgot that you had to make one for yourself. Here's a no-sew, last-minute solution to your Halloween costume problem. The classic witch costume is perfect for busy moms. All you need are black clothes, this DIY hat, and a maniacal laugh. A broomstick is optional. Read on for the instructions.

What you need:

  1. Black and red cardboard
  2. Scissors
  3. Double-sided tape
  4. Compass
  5. Marker
  6. Ruler
  7. Glue stick


Step 1: Grab the ruler and black cardboard. Measure 34 centimeters from the edge and mark with a pencil. Work your way around the other end to create a quarter circle. Make sure you keep the 34-centimeter distance. When you reach the other end, connect the dots.

how to make a witch hat

Step 2: From the marks you created, measure 4 centimeters and mark. Afterwards, connect the dots.

witch hat pattern

Step 3: In  the space between the two quarter circles, draw small triangles.

halloween witch hat

Step 4: Use scissors to cut out the triangles. This will serve as the cone of your hat.

witches' hats

Step 5: On another black cardboard, draw a circle. Position the compass at the center of the paper and measure 16 centimeters from it, then draw the circle. Afterward, measure 10 centimeters from the center and draw an inner circle.

halloween witch hat brim

Step 6: Cut out the outer circle as well as the inner circle. This will serve as the base of the hat.

diy witch hat craft ideas

Step 7: Get the cone and put double-sided tape on one side. Stick it to the other side to create a cone-shaped hat. Now, focus on the triangles. Fold them upward and then apply glue on each triangle.

diy witch hat

Step 8: Then, grab the base and carefully insert it over the cone all the way down to the triangles.

diy witch hat

Step 9: Grab the red cardboard and repeat step 1. Connect the dots and make another line about 4 centimeters from the first line. Cut along the line.

diy witch hat free pattern

Step 10: Wrap it around the witch hat and secure it with glue. You can also add additional details to your hat such as stars, cats or frogs.

fun diy witch hat craft

And you are done! Wear to see if it fits. If it is, then you are ready for a Halloween party.

diy witch hat tutorial

Watch how it is done:

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