DIY Fairy Lights: Bring Happiness to your Room at Night

Bring happiness to your room with these DIY fairy lights. Simply adds a festive mood to your living space.

“Happiness is fairy lights in your room at night”. These simple DIY project simply brings a festive mood in your room or in any part of the house. Whether you choose to use them as lighting or simple decor, they are easy to make and inexpensive. Add some twinkle to your home.

What you need:

  1. Fairy lights
  2. Wrapper paper
  3. 6-8 Plastic cups
  4. Scissors
  5. Spray adhesive

Cut the plastic cups. Trim the mouth of the cups and put holes on their bottoms.

diy fairy lights
Step 1: Cut a hole on the bottom of each plastic cup.

Cut open one glass. This will serve as the template in cutting your wrapper paper. Lay the cup flat on the paper and use pencil to trace it and then, cut it. Make more cut outs depending on the number of your cups.

diy fairy lights
Step 2: Use one cup to serve as template to be traced on the wrapper paper.

Spray some glue to the cup and carefully stick the paper. Let it dry. Do this with the other cups.

diy fairy lights
Step 3: Spray adhesive to the cup and stick the paper.

Once dry, grab the lights. Poke each fairy light into the hole you created a while ago on each cup.

diy fairy lights
Step 4: Poke each fairy light on the hole of every plastic cup.

And taraan! They are ready to hang. Lovely fairy lights that effortlessly give every living space a cheery ambiance.

diy fairy lights
Step 5: Hang and light up your own DIY fairy lights.

Watch How it is Done

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