Canning: From Newbie to Expert Canner

Canning is a safe and effective way to prolong the life of food stuffs. It also adds a delicious twist in taste of common food.

During your childhood, you may see your grandmother put fruits, vegetables, jellies and jams into jars. You may remember there were rows and rows of jars on the shelves ready to use. Canning as a process of preserving foodstuffs is not quite fully understood nowadays.  Hence, there is the hesitance to replicate those old days when food preservation was considered a staple homemaking procedure and moreover, an art in the kitchen.

A bit of research on the right ways of canning can go a long way in order to understand how it works and the purpose of doing so as part of frugal living.  From newbie canner to seasoned canner, click on the link below and read on to find out the canning process suitable for you.

Canning: From Newbie to Expert Canner

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