Creative Gifts for Milestone Birthdays or Anniversaries

homemade birthday gifts A friend of mine just asked me for ideas to celebrate her 15th wedding anniversary, and I started thinking…it's a numbers game!

Be creative, be original and be memorable – give a gift that matches the birthday or anniversary number!

Let's use a 40th anniversary or 40th birthday as an example.

    40 Lottery Tickets for 40 lucky years!

    40 Hershey Kisses for 40 years of love!

    40 Beers for 40 years (I gave this to my husband on his 40th birthday, and I think it was his favorite all time gift! Don't worry, the guy at the local liquor store helped me select the assortment!)

    40 Memories – write down 40 great memories as an anniversary gift for your spouse. Package these in an empty heart shaped candy box, filling up each little compartment with a note & a Hershey kiss.

    40 Gifts – collect gifts from friends and family members with notes that explain the significance. For example, my daughter might give a Barnes & Noble gift card with a note that says, “thanks for reading all those bedtime stories when I was little,” and my son might give a sleeve of golf balls with a note thanking his dad for teaching him to play golf.

    40 Golf Balls

    40 Chocolate Bars (a chocolate lovers dream!)

    40 Cigars

How do you come up with just the right gift? Think of the recipients passions, and think of your budget! 40 Hershey Kisses are a lot cheaper than 40 chocolate bars!

This gift idea seems to come in handy for men because they are always harder to shop for than women! I don't know too many men that don't like beer, golf or cigars!

If you're hosting a birthday party, why don't you ask each guest to gift wrap the item that you're trying to collect instead of the birthday gal or guy ending up with a bunch of “over the hill” theme gifts. As the gifts are opened, the recipient will quickly get the theme, and they'll enjoy the gift so much more than an over the hill baseball cap that they'll never wear!

What could you surprise someone with on their big day?


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the Damsel in Dis Dress
12 years ago

Great ideas! Thanks!

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