The Ultimate Guide to Buying Anything During the Year

You don't have to wait for holidays to get the best items, read this and find out when to have the best deals of the year.
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Black Friday, President's Day, Labor Day: all of these holidays equal great sales. Many consumers wait for these shopping holidays to make large purchases or upgrades of current possessions. Did you know you don't necessarily need to wait? Depending on what you're looking for, there's usually a month when prices drop for a certain item. Here's a comprehensive list of the best time to buy anything during the year.

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Celebrate the new year with these amazing finds in the store.The holidays have just passed and with it the mega sales on, well, everything. Surely the only sales this month will be on leftover holiday decorations. Surprisingly, that's not true.

  1. Clothing

    Although you expect winter clothing to be drastically marked down as spring approaches, Business Insider (@businessinsider) notes apparel deals dominate sales after the holidays. They note that, with leftover inventory that failed to sell as projected, retailers discount outerwear like crazy, especially during this time. Consider options like Rent the Runway for higher end fashion deals.

  2. Watches

    A timeless gift, watches hit big sales this month as well. DealNews (@DealNews) reveals stellar sales on brand name pieces, from retail giants and online superstars alike. If you were hoping for a new Rolex, now would be an opportune time to buy. Check out Amazon watches here.

  3. Gym Memberships

    As New Year's resolutions abound and the world collectively hits the gym to shed holiday pounds, you'd think gyms would hike their prices. Not so, according to AOL (@AOL). Gym A doesn't want your business going to Gym B, they point out, so they sink their prices to gain your membership. Membership fees waived in January can save you up to $100, so what are you waiting for?

  4. Calendars

    My mom always bought us new calendars in January growing up. It was a little New Year's tradition, except that the calendars would appear seemingly at random sometime during the month. (@Coupons) solves this mystery of my younger years: calendars begin to go on sale towards the end of this month. Since many of them include a page for the first month of the following year, you can safely wait until the sales begin to purchase a new one.

  5. Linens

    Way back when dinosaurs roamed the earth (AKA, the 1800's), retailers instituted a White Sale after Christmas to lure shoppers into the stores. So named because linens were pretty much only white back then, Lauren Greutman (@laurengreutman) points out the traditional January linen sale continues despite the modern plethora of colors available.

  6. Gift Cards

    I love gift cards. I hoard them, like a squirrel with acorns. With multiple kids to buy Christmas and birthday gifts for, they are my lifeline. It seems, however, that some don't care for gift cards. Good news for me! You can learn more about the in's and out's of discounted gift cards here. TipHero (@tiphero) shares sites where you can buy unwanted gift cards, such as:

    • eBay

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Instead of flowers and chocolates, why not invest on these items?With February comes Valentine's Day, and we tend to focus on flowers, candy, even jewelry while shopping. Why not take advantage of these surprising February sales as well?

  1. Broadway Tickets

    If you're a theater buff, this month is your time to shine! Broadways tickets often go on sale (@lifehacker) in February, as it is the off-season and prime buying time for the frugal consumer. Now is the time for you to watch the latest shows without burning a hole in your pocket.

  2. Tablets

    I wish I had known a few weeks ago that tablets, especially refurbished or resale ones, are often seriously marked down this month. CBSNews (@CBSNews) points out the President's Day sales and potential release of upgraded software are responsible for these sales. You can check out the latest hot selling tablets here.

  3. Televisions

    Out with the old, and in with the new appears to be the motto of the tech industry. WiseBread (@wisebread) lists the previous year's television models as a big sale during President's Day, so if you don't mind being a technological year behind, take advantage of the huge markdowns and get the giant flat screen you've been wanting. You can check out a buying guide to the top TVs this year here.

  4. Canned Food

    So this one isn't as fun a sale, but it's a useful one for us moms nonetheless. As Valpak (@Valpakcoupons) shares, February is National Canned Food Month. It's also the end of the winter harvest season, so plenty of winter fruits and veggies will be on sale in various forms, from fresh to canned.

  5. Boats

    Boats? Who wants to buy a boat in February? This line of thinking is exactly why now is an excellent time to buy. As demand for water vehicles goes down, retailers drop their prices to entice new buyers, CreditDonkey (@CreditDonkey) reports.

  6. Tax Software

    Another not so fun sale, tax season is upon us, and therefore this sale hits at just the right time. You'd think tax software would be the cheapest closer to Tax Day in April, but Key Ring (@keyringapp) says that a month before tax season is the best time to buy this business essential.

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This is the best time to find the best summer camp for children.As spring comes to grace us with its presence, we expect Easter sales to hit, and maybe some late savings on winter items leaving the stores until next season. What you may not expect to find this month are sales on frozen foods and the best time to book a summer camp trip for your kids. So what else is on sale this month?

  1. Chocolate

    With Valentine's Day now over, stores with a surplus of chocolate leftover will begin to mark it down in an effort to rid the shelves before the Easter candy rush begins. Business Insider (@businessinsider) points to the early days of the month as the best time to get those chocolate covered strawberries before they're replaced with chocolate bunnies.

  2. Frozen Food

    Did you know March is National Frozen Food Month? I sure didn't until (@GOBankingRates) made note of it here. Since frozen food is both cheap and lasts longer, I know what I'll be taking advantage of this March.

  3. Summer Camp

    I like to keep my kids busy in the summer; it's good for them, as it encourages their independence and keeps them on a schedule. According to Market Watch (@MarketWatch), now is the time to start planning and paying for kids' summer camps. Not only does this ensure your child's place in camp, but many camps offer early enrollment discounts.

  4. Luggage

    Your kids are going to need luggage for that summer camp you must sign them up for, aren't they? Deep breaths and rest easy – (@TODAYShow) reports March is where it's at for sales on luggage. As new models hit the shelves, last year's inventory finds marked down prices, saving you a bundle.

  5. Cleaning Supplies

    Spring cleaning is totally a thing. As we sweep away the dreariness of winter to make room for fresh spring air, you'll probably need to make a few trips to the store for more supplies. Lucky for you, USNews (@usnews) lists cleaning supplies among March sales. Spring for those name brand, lemon-scented bottles of gold — you deserve it!

  6. Perfume

    During the Christmas and Valentine's rush, your favorite scents may have been nearly impossible to find. The demand for this popular gift item usually goes down in March. As the demand goes down, so too does the price of perfume, TipHero (@tiphero) reminds us. Now is the time to go stock up on your favorite scents, so what are you waiting for?

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Do some makeover in your home and replace some items with these.Midway through spring, you're probably done with your general house cleaning. Now's the perfect time to replace certain items, as this month heralds sales on household goods and footwear.

  1. Jewelry

    With the major holidays behind us and Mother's Day still a month away, jewelry stores feel the pain of the slow season. In a bid to bring in customers in between holidays, most retailers will offer major discounts in April, according to The Fiscal Times (@thefiscaltimes). Why not treat yourself or get a gift for a loved one early?

  2. Shoes (@valpakcoupons) reports that shoe sales fall during winter, so retailers are motivated to offer sales during April. You can finally get those designer shoes you've been eyeing at a decent price!

  3. Car Parts and Tires

    I need to keep track of these National Months. April is National Car Care Month, and Cheapism.Com (@cheapism) recommends you take advantage of this month to care for your car. Many parts stores, dealerships, and mechanics offer rock bottom prices in recognition. I know when I'm buying new tires.

  4. Cruises

    Who doesn't love a good cruise? An ocean adventure to places I've never seen outside of a book sounds great to me. Thanks to Rate Supermarket (@RateSupermarket), I now know when to book my next cruise. With the rainy season upon most popular European cruise destinations during this time, many people don't want to go, making cruise tickets cheaper than ever.

  5. Cookware

    As we enter wedding and graduation season, gift staples for these occasions begin to see a drop in prices. TrueCouponing (@truecouponing) points to cookware as a perfect gift during this time, and I have to agree. Whether they're off to college or joining their lives together, your loved one will surely appreciate new cookware in this new path of life.

  6. Spring Apparel

    Wait, aren't we in Spring? Shouldn't we wait for summer to roll around before we see sales on spring apparel? ApartmentTherapy (@AptTherapy) points out the somewhat obvious here: the fashion industry is always a season ahead. While we're still remembering to grab the umbrella instead of the shovel, fashion divas are already figuring out what they're going to put together for their summer line, making spring fashions obsolete.

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Looking for a Mother's Day gift? Pick one from this list.Mother's Day is upon us! Quick, go buy your mom a gift! Finished? Good. Now go back to the store and pick up a new mattress or maybe a fridge.

  1. Refrigerators

    You've been meaning to replace your refrigerator for a while now. It's making strange noises and doesn't stay as cold, and you're positive it's learned to walk. But those dang things are so expensive. Good news! As (@smartasset) tells us, new models come out in the summer, making May an excellent time to find bargains on last year's model.

  2. Mattresses

    Memorial Day is a great time to replace your mattress, Kiplinger (@Kiplinger) reports. New mattress models hit stores in June, motivating retailers to host sales on the old ones during this time. Be sure to check out the latest mattress deals here.

  3. Paper Products

    With graduation parties, barbecues, and trips to the beach on the horizon, (@Coupons) chimes in with news on paper product prices: they're on sale! Pair the sales with coupons if you have any to save a bundle on these summer necessities.

  4. Star Wars Merchandise

    We all know Cinco de Mayo, but did you know there's another awesome holiday right before it? In recent years, May 4th has become Star Wars Day. To honor this fan holiday, retailers mark down everything from the movies themselves to books to collectibles, says GoBankingRates (@GOBankingRates). May the Fourth be with you!

  5. Kitchenware

    Memorial Day sales are a great time to replace that old blender. With markdowns throughout the month, eBates (@ebates) declares May an excellent time to replace all your old kitchenware with new models.

  6. Party Supplies

    Now that you've bought your paper products, it's time to stock up on other necessary party supplies. Tablecloths, charcoal, and decorations are all on sale in preparation for anticipated grad parties and summer get-togethers, CBSNews (@CBSNews) reports.

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A Father's Day treat for the greatest Dad in the world.As Father's Day approaches, we expect to find deals on tools and other gadgets for Dad. What you may not expect is to find deals on movie tickets, dishes, and more.

  1. Dishware

    June is considered the start of the wedding season. Dishware is a pretty traditional wedding gift, which makes sense given the cookware we had you buy for the same reason in April. Whether it's a gift for a friend or an upgrade for yourself, USNews Money (@USNewsMoney) encourages consumers to buy dishes now.

  2. Lingerie

    You'd think lingerie be on sale in February, but InspiredBride (@inspiredbride) published a list of gorgeous intimate honeymoon lingerie. Perhaps in keeping with all the honeymoons sure to follow the wedding season?

  3. Tools

    Just in time for Father's Day, tools are on sale now according to (@TODAYshow). Now's the time to nab that whatchamacallit gadget that your husband has on his wish list.

  4. Movie Tickets

    Summer Blockbusters have yet to hit and movie theaters are desperate for an audience. PureWow (@PureWow) shares how to make this work for you.

  5. Laptops

    Making room for this year's models means last year's laptops are now on sale, according to csmonitor (@csmonitor).

  6. Dairy Products

    June is National Dairy Month, (@Coupons) so now is a good time to stock up on healthy sources of calcium. May I suggest ice cream?

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Fourth of July is here! You may find these items on sale.Retailers often mark down products for the Fourth of July holiday. Here are some unexpected things that go on sale this month.

  1. Furniture

    Need a living room upgrade? Kim Komando (@kimkomando) shares July is a great time to purchase a new couch.

  2. Home Decor

    The best time to buy home decor is apparently now, as summer makes way for fall, according to Ben's Bargains (@BensBargains).

  3. Air Conditioning

    In response to the hot days of summer, retailers usually offer amazing discounts on air conditioning  (@thepennyhoarder). This can appliance be a lifesaver, especially during a heatwave.

  4. Video Games

    Stackry (@stackry) says to keep your eye out for major discounts on big name video games this month.

  5. Grills

    With grilling season nearing its end, it comes as no surprise that (@smartasset) lists big sales on grills and grilling items this month.

  6. Airfare

    July seems to be a slow time for airports, so Reader's Digest (@readersdigest) suggests taking advantage of their low ticket prices this month to plan your next getaway.

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It is back to school. You may find these items on great discounts.August means Back to School and a tax-free holiday where I'm from. Let's see what other savings are available this month.

  1. Snow Blowers

    Yes, really. Mix 97.3 (@Mix973SF) advises snow blowers are cheapest several months before fall, with the best deals found on last year's model.

  2. Office Furniture

    As summer ends and families return to their school schedule, many professionals find an influx of clients and may feel the need to upgrade their office or lobby furniture. Ben's Bargains (@BensBargains) declares now the time to find sales on office furniture.

  3. Storage for Dorms

    As new students fill the forms, they may find themselves lacking in storage space. Back to School sales to the rescue with great deals on storage bins, totes, and more, says Apartment Therapy (@AptTherapy).

  4. Office Supplies

    Now that you've upgraded your office furniture, it's time to invest in some updated office supplies. Hip2Save (@Hip2Save) has good news: supplies are on sale, too!

  5. Summer Apparel

    With fall just around the corner, you can get rock-bottom discounts on summer styles as retailers aim to get their remaining inventory off the shelves (@WTOP).

  6. School Supplies

    Of course, August is all about Back to School, so it's no surprise NerdWallet (@NerdWallet) lists school supplies among the top sale items of the month.

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Start the holiday shopping with these items. You will find them on lower prices.With the holidays just a few months away, it's a good idea to get a head start on gift shopping this month. Here are some amazing deals for September.

  1. Textbooks

    If you can hold off until September, DealNews (@DealNews) reports now is an excellent time to find textbooks at cheap, affordable prices.

  2. Bikes

    Summer is the cycling season, so as it draws to a close, it's no surprise new models come out. The Free People blog (@freepeople) says if you can wait until now for a new bike, you'll find all sorts of amazing deals on last year's model.

  3. Cars

    Bikes not really your thing? Not conducive to your lifestyle? No worries; September also has lots of car sales as dealerships get ready for next year's models, says The Street (@TheStreet). So head on down to your local car dealer and buy that new minivan you wanted.

  4. Lawnmowers

    OK, wait. We bought a snow blower last month; now (@couponsdowork) wants us to buy lawn mowers? Yes, indeed, they do. Lawnmowers are often marked down at the start of fall as retailers feel the need to prepare for winter gear sales. So go ahead and replace your old mower with a new one.

  5. Smartphones

    As new phones hit the shelves, phone dealers mark down old inventory, says PR Newswire (@PRNewswire), so your mobile phone upgrade can cost next to nothing.

  6. Wine

    You may not drink a glass every day, but it's nice to have a bottle on hand for surprise guests or a frugal date night. (@ClarkHoward) says now is the time to stock up, as wine sales hit stores this month.

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These items are in demand this month so they are definitely on sale!I promise you'll like these treats. No tricks!

  1. Gardening Tools and Accessories

    Although it may seem counter-intuitive, the end of the harvest season is the time to buy your new gardening tools and accessories, advises ReviewJournal (@reviewjournal).

  2. Jeans

    Now's the best time to replace those outgrown short pants. Having hit shelves back in August for Back to School, retailers are now marking down denims, NerdWallet (@NerdWallet) reminds us.

  3. Patio Furniture

    You may not get to use them long before winter strikes, but USAToday (@USATODAY) says now is the time to buy patio and outdoor furniture.

  4. Camping Gear

    Just as outdoor furniture hits sales as the weather turns, so too does camping gear. Since not many camp during the winter, stores reduce prices to make room for other winter items, The Balance (@thebalance) says.

  5. Halloween Costume and Decor

    Right before and after Halloween, stores drastically cut prices on leftover Halloween merchandise, NASDAQ (@NASDAQ) reminds us. If you can wait, you can get your favorite Halloween things for next to nothing.

  6. Houses

    We promise the houses aren't haunted, but you might be if you don't take advantage of the October housing market! The List Show (@thelistshowtv) says homeowners are desperate to sell before winter strikes, when new buyers are less likely to be looking, so many reduce the cost requested drastically.

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November has Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These items are surely on sale!We know savings will be great this month with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but what sales are best at this time?

  1. Candy

    Just as March sees Valentine's candy on sale, the early days of November are excellent for stocking up on leftover Halloween candy, as Frugally Blonde (@Frugally_Blonde) points out.

  2. Electronics

    As we all know, Black Friday and Cyber Monday bring incredible sales on just about everything, but the most anticipated might just be the electronics. Not only do we get holiday sales prices, (@savings) reminds us electronics tend to be marked down all month.

  3. Formal Wear

    With the wedding season over for now and prom season still a few months off, formal wear retailers are feeling the burn. (@Coupons) toasts November as a wise time to buy gowns or tuxes. Now you can go to that red-carpet event without ruining your clothing budget.

  4. Baking Supplies

    As the holidays approach and cookies, pies, and other sweets find their way nearly everywhere, stores mark down their flour, sugar, and other baking staples, the Peaceful Mom (@thepeacefulmom) points out. Stock up now to make your holiday baking easier!

  5. Movies (@MindiCherry) is my hero with the revelation that, not only are the hottest movies of the year on sale Black Friday, DVDs are often marked down to as little as a dollar. I'll definitely be restocking my movie collection this year!

  6. Toys

    TipHero (@tiphero) points out retailers like to maximize holiday business and mark down the year's hottest toys well before Thanksgiving. So keep your eyes open and grab those deals!

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Christmas month means more sale and you will find these items on their lowest prices.Naturally, we expect holiday necessities to be on sale now, but did you expect all this?

  1. Champagne

    A staple at many Christmas and New Year's parties, you'd think champagne would be marked up, not down. Savvy Family Finance (@SavvyFamFinance) says no, however. Champagne prices drop quite a bit this month.

  2. Wrapping Paper

    After Christmas sales will see prices of wrapping paper drop significantly, says (@MindiCherry), so you can stock up for next year. For even bigger savings, ditch the wrapping paper altogether.

  3. Thrift Store Finds

    Why would you go to a thrift store with all the brand-new goodies on sale? Because thrift stores are so overstocked, you're bound to find something you need, want, or can resell for a profit yourself, according to WiseBread (@wisebread).

  4. Holiday Decor

    As with wrapping paper, these sales won't start until after Christmas, but CultofMac (@cultofmac) lists price drops as drops as much as 60%. Need a new tree? Grab yours the day after Christmas and save!

  5. Plastic Storage Bins for Ornaments

    So you took advantage of the After Christmas sales and bought new ornaments and other decorations. Now you need new storage bins. Good news from (@freecoupons) for you: storage bins made for holiday decorations are only available now, and they're on sale!

  6. Soups and Stews

    The end of the holiday season usually sees me with little desire to go anywhere near my stove if I can help it. Frugally Blonde (@Frugally_Blonde) to the rescue with this reminder that December is an excellent time to find sales on soups and stews.

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I hope this list helps you shop and save throughout the year. What sales tip did you find the most helpful? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments section and don't forget to share.

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