Avoid Costly Medical Bills: What You Should Do To Improve Your Health Now

improve your health


There are some lifestyle factors that can make a major difference in your overall health. You can avoid both costly procedures and frequent visits to the doctor with a few changes. Here are six things that contribute to your vitality and can help you avoid costly medical bills in the future.

Avoid Costly Medical Bills – Improve Your Health Now!


Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Keeping your body free of disease free is one way of avoiding costly treatments, medical procedures and discomfort later in life. Disease is often caused by continued cell damage from substances known as free radicals. Eating more antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables is the natural way of extinguishing the effects of free radicals.


Get More Sunshine

Those who want to avoid debilitating, bone-related ailments like osteoporosis or cancer should investigate the health benefits of getting adequate amounts of Vitamin D. By spending some time out in the sunshine and eating the right foods, you can make sure you are getting enough of this important vitamin. Vitamin D activates calcium and phosphorus which are minerals that strengthen bones. Respected cancer research organizations confirm the link between naturally obtained Vitamin D and the decreased risk of colorectal cancer.  We're not advocated laying out in the sun…it takes just 15 minutes a day to get the Vitamin D you need.


Begin Weight Training

Bone density, muscle mass and metabolism all decrease with age which is why it is important to develop weight training habits early. Decreases in bone density result in brittle bones that are prone to breaking. Muscle mass gained by weight training helps stimulate your metabolism and prevent unnecessary weight gain.  Instead of dropping the big bucks to join a gym, pick up a set of dumbbells at a discount store like Marshall's for less than $10.  With dumbbells in hand, you can find plenty of easy to follow workouts on the internet.


Limit Processed Foods

Processed foods are loaded with synthetic chemicals, additives and sugar. These ingredients are the foundations of overeating and food addictions. A continuous diet of excess sugar leads to weight gain, as well as insulin resistance that commonly culminate in diseases like diabetes. Additionally, eating processed foods means you are eating less fruits and vegetables that give you important nutrients and vitamins your body needs.


Schedule Routine Exams

Many people dread going to the doctor or dentist for routine exams. Unfortunately, this often leads to more serious disease and costly procedures down the road, like root canals. Going to your regular dental exams can help prevent disease and help you keep up with important oral hygiene.

Start Walking

Those who want to strengthen their hearts and reduce the risk of developing diseases like diabetes and osteoporosis should put down the car keys and lace up their athletic footwear. Some of the recognized long-term benefits from regular walking include decreased blood pressure, improved insulin production and increased bone density.


Small modifications to one's diet and regular exercise routines can have a dramatic impact on future health and wellness. It could also help save money in the long-term by helping you avoid expensive treatments and intrusive surgeries.


written by:  Anita Ginsburg

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9 years ago

Another good one try to be less stressed. The picture shows meditation so that’s a good way to reduce stress. I have read 10 minutes a day of meditation really helps.

9 years ago

This are all wonderful and very true simple tips. But I wonder why you didn’t add getting enough sleep. This is one of the most important, simple and free ways to stay healthy. As Benjamin Franklin said, “Early to bed and early to rise, make a man (or woman) healthy, wealthy and wise!” Recent studies are showing the important health benefits of this practice.

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