Easy, Homemade Halloween Costumes – No Sewing Required!

Don’t let the word “homemade” scare you because no sewing is required!

Today’s easy, homemade Halloween costume ideas are perfect for pre-teens! Tomorrow, The Budget Diet will feature easy, homemade Halloween costumes for little ones!

Identity Thief

Identity Thief!

Identity Thief!


    1. “Hello, my name is”… name tag stickers


    1. Write different names on each sticker.
    2. Cover your regular clothing with the stickers!
    3. The identity thief is born!
    4. Note: you may want to make a sign on your child’s Halloween bucket that says…I’m an identity thief, handover the candy!


Pippi Longstocking

pippi longstocking halloween costume

Pippi Longstocking


    1. Oversized t-shirt from Dad’s closet!
    2. Striped tights…look in your daughter’s dresser drawer first, and if she doesn’t have any try Walmart or Target.
    3. Fabric scraps to make patches to put on t-shirt
    4. Double stick tape
    5. Pipe cleaners
    6. Red hair spray paint (available at most party supply stores)
    7. Galvanized bucket to collect candy in…you probably have one in your garage!


    1. Use double stick tape to put patches on the t-shirt…see, no sewing required!
    2. Braid hair and insert pipe cleaners in the braid to make the braid stick out like Pippi’s!
    3. Spray paint hair red!


Bubble Bath

bubble bath halloween costume

Bubble Bath!


    1. Yellow Ducky baby bathtub ($14 at Target)
    2. 1 package of white balloons
    3. white string
    4. shower cap
    5. shower caddy to collect candy in!


    1. Cut out the bottom of the ducky bathtub just enough for your child’s legs to fit through…you want the duck to sit on her hips without having to make suspenders! Be careful not to cut the inflatable part!
    2. Blow up the balloons.
    3. Use the white string to tie the balloon together leaving about 12″ of space between each knot.
    4. Have you child get in the ducky, then drape the strand of balloons around her.
    5. Add a shower cap!
    6. Note: This was a prize winning Halloween costume!

Identity Crisis

halloween costume - identity crisis

Identity Crisis


    1. Assorted pieces from old costumes! Go dig in your dress-up box!


    1. Put everything on…you’ll be asked, “what are you,” and the answer is, I’m having an identity crisis!

Robin Hood


    1. White long-sleeve button down shirt
    2. Extra large brown t-shirt
    3. Brown shoe lace
    4. Green tights


    1. Cut a “V” in the top center of the brown t-shirt.
    2. Use a hole punch to make holes on either side of the “V” in which you’ll thread the shoe lace.
    3. Put on the green tights, the white shirt (with sleeves rolled up) and wear the brown t-shrit over the white shirt.

Graveyard Ghost

halloween costume graveyard ghost

Graveyard Ghost


    1. Cheescloth (available at fabric stores for less than $2 per yard!)
    2. White and black face paint (available at party stores)
    3. Grey cardstock
    4. String


    1. Paint face white with big black eyes.
    2. Drape cheesecloth around the head like a ghost.
    3. Cut out the grey cardstock in the shape of a tombstone.
    4. Write on the tombstone and attach it to the neck with the string.


Check out more easy homemade Halloween costumes on The Budget Diet’s Halloween Costume Index.

Please share your favorite easy homemade Halloween costume ideas! Remember…no sewing allowed!


  1. Great Ideas – I especially like the Pippi Longstocking and Rubber Ducky Bubble Bath costumes. They’re both really cool.

    In case you (or any of your readers) are interested, there is a creative costume contest over at http://www.halloweenhero.com/costume-contest-2013.html where the grand prize is $250. You are free to enter as many times as you like, as long as each submission is unique.

    Keep the great costume ideas coming – Halloween is getting close.


  2. Thanks for the great quick ideas. I have one for you.

    Instant zombie –
    Old shirt and pants
    Face paint

    Take clothes out to the yard and scrub them in the dirt and grass
    Back comb hair into a big mess
    Roll in a pile of leaves get some in your hair and clothes
    Paint face however you like

  3. Hahaha I liked the bubble bath–maybe I can convince one of my kids to do that this year! Last year 1 of my kids was “Recycled man” and stapled a bunch of empty bottles, bags, tissue and containers to an over-sized shirt! Looked pretty cool if I may say so myself, ha!

  4. I love the identity theif! Very clever. I was going to try to make my child’s Halloween costume… and then I found an astronaut suit. Oh well!

  5. I have two funnies!!! We dressed our sons as night and day one Halloween. One wore black sweats covered in glow in the dark stars that I stuck to the sweats with double sided tape. The other wore white sweats that I covered in blue felt clouds. I cut the clouds and stuck them on with double sided tape. They made a great duo!

  6. Kristl! More great ideas!! Fabulous! Grace, peace and blessings, Carla!! Love the identity thief! ;)

  7. Thanks for sharing! No sewing!

  8. Kristl /

    Thanks! I think the most impressive costumes are the ones that people come up with at the last minute using things from around the house!

  9. Great pics/costumes!

    I never remember to get my own costume together for halloween with everything else going on. So I’m still trying to figure out what I have. But I saw a blog post I thought I’d share that had some quick and easy costumes.

  10. Kristl /

    Super easy & CHEAP! It’s amazing what you can come up with using things from around the house.

  11. These are AWESOME!!! I’ll never have an excuse again. These are all super-easy and great ideas!
    Not Your Ordinary Agent
    Not Your Ordinary Recipes
    Clean Gal

  12. Kristl /

    A little imagination & a look through the old dress up box can yield great & inexpensive results!

  13. These are some fun and easy costumes ideas. Thanks for sharing :)

  14. These were awesome! And super creative!

  15. Kristl /

    It’s so much fun to create costumes out of things you have!

  16. Love, love, LOVE that there’s no sewing. Thanks for some great ideas!

  17. Very cute ideas! We have that exact ducky bathtub ;-)

    Stumbled :-)

  18. Such great ideas! Post stumbled.

  19. Kristl /

    Thanks! I do use Host Gator, and I really have not had any issues. Not sure what was going on today!

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