Affordable Gifts

How to Save Money on Gifts for All Occasions

We all love to give our family members and friends gifts for their birthdays, holidays and other special occasions. However, when you're trying to save money, finding the perfect gift and staying within your budget can be a daunting task. Check out these helpful tips to save money on gifts for all … Read More »

Recycling and Flipping

Recycling and Flipping: Having a Beautiful Home and Saving Money

Today more than ever, folks are interested in turning their homes into sanctuaries; beautiful spaces filled with fantastic items where they can unwind, de-stress and just enjoy family. However, making our spaces look just the way we want them to can be expensive, especially if you have a taste for … Read More »


Let’s Do Lunch – The Frugal Alternative

"Let's get together for lunch and catch up.""Let's do lunch sometime.""Why don't we go out for lunch."Getting together with friends for lunch seems to be the default activity for many woman. Why is that?Could it be because we can't think of anything else to do?If lunch dates with … Read More »

30 Day Challenge Image

The 30 Day Money-Saving Challenge

Could your savings account use a boost? Most people would answer yes, and today's post is all about giving it that much-needed TLC. We're issuing a 30-day money-saving challenge that will not only put a little extra into your account, but will show you how to save more for the future.What is … Read More »

how to get rid of your storage unit

Make Money – How to Get Rid of Your Storage Unit

To store or not to store...that is the question.Storage units make sense for short-term situations, but if you're using your storage unit to stash unwanted stuff...I have a must-read story that will make any frugal girl cringe!   Storage Unit Saga Note: Grab a tissue, it's a sad, sad … Read More »

easy ways to cut wedding costs

10 Easy Ways to Cut Wedding Costs – without anybody knowing!

According to CNN, the average cost of a wedding in 2014 was...A. $55,000 B. $30,000 C. $12,000PS - That's excluding the cost of the honeymoon!And the answer is...$30,000!If a wedding is in your future, try these 10 easy ways to cut wedding costs. The good news is...nobody … Read More »

Businessman has stress and sreams into mobile phone

5 Cheapskate Tips to Save You Nickels and Dimes

Saving money is oh-so-important. Most people know that, they simply can't find the additional money in their budgets to put back much. The trick is to try and save money in all areas of your life. The following tips will help you save nickels and dimes that can be added to your savings! 1. Share … Read More »

egg puff casserole recipe

Egg Puff Casserole Recipe

It's Friday, and it's Lent, so how about an easy meatless egg casserole for dinner? Egg Puff Casserole Recipe   Author: Kristl Story, Recipe type: breakfast, vegetarian Prep time:  5 mins Cook time:  35 mins Total time:  40 mins Print … Read More »

Carpooling to save

5 Simple Ways to Save on Bills in only 30 Minutes

With rising costs and every more available services many home owners have difficulties with their personal finances. This includes figuring out ways of reducing regular monthly bills. If your anything like me I get overwhelmed by recurring bills, forgotten and unused services, which ultimately … Read More »

hot oil

4 Beauty Recipes You Can Make with Ingredients You Already Have

We all love to be pampered and to feel like we're doing great things for our skin and our beauty routine. However, the supplies we need to accomplish this are often quite expensive. These super fast and cheap beauty recipes will help you save money without sacrificing your beauty routine!1. … Read More »