Weddings on a Budget: All the Bliss without the Bills

weddings on a budget
Summer is less than a month away and that means wedding season is in full swing. But what if you aren’t Vince Vaughn or Owen Wilson and can’t go carousing for free drinks and one-night stands? What if you are that special someone to your special someone and need some tips to make your wedding bill not hurt so much? Fortunately, there are a number of ways to save money on a wedding and begin your financial life together on the right foot.

Many couples who plan to get married are growing increasingly conscious of the cost of a wedding, and are looking for any way they can find to reduce the bills associated with their happy day, according to a report from Greenville County, South Carolina, television station WYFF. Perhaps the most effective way of doing so is to plan to have a wedding on a day other than Saturday. Many couples are now getting married on Friday nights or even Sunday afternoons, because the demand for Saturday events drives up prices considerably on everything from hiring limo service, renting out venues, booking DJs and catering.

In addition, many people are also scaling back their plans for the cakes they order, the report said. In the past, many couples would plan on getting a cake that was specifically personalized in every way to be unique to them. But because of all the specificity involved, the bakeries end up having to charge couples thousands of dollars for what amounts to just a regular piece of desert for most of their guests. Instead, many couples are now opting for more generic cakes that cost considerably less.

And of course, one of the biggest costs associated with any wedding is the guests, the report said. Couples will likely have to spend thousands of dollars feeding all their guests, so one great way to reduce the cost associated with this is to simply pare back the invitations. Many people get invited to weddings these days out of a sense of obligation, rather than the bride and groom really wanting them to be there.

Consequently, thinking about who they'd really like to see on their special day can help save a lot of money. The same is true, to an extent, of reducing the wedding parties, because it means buying fewer dresses, renting fewer tuxes, and so forth.


written by: Victor McGlothin

Victor McGlothin is a best-selling author and financial writer for, providing easy ways to save money everyday.

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