10 Easy Ways to Cut Wedding Costs – without anybody knowing!

Getting hooked should not be expensive. You don't have to spend all your savings just to get your dream wedding. Get these easy tips on how to cut wedding costs.

According to CNN, the average cost of a wedding is…

A. $55,000
B. $30,000
C. $12,000

PS – That's excluding the cost of the honeymoon!

And the answer is…


If a wedding is in your future, try these 10 easy ways to cut wedding costs. The good news is…nobody will know you spent way less than $30,000.

10 Easy Ways to Cut Wedding Costs

1. Stay Away From Manhattan – The average cost for a Manhattan wedding in 2014 was $76,000*!

2. Avoid Peak Times – Just like the travel industry, there are popular days and times to get married. Who says you have to get married on a Saturday night in June? Nobody! Choose a Friday night or a Sunday afternoon in February, and you'll likely pay less for your venue, DJ and catering. It's simple supply and demand.

3. Consider Casual – Casual weddings have become increasingly popular. According to TheKnot.com, 17% of weddings in 2013 were classified as casual. Broaden your horizons beyond the country club reception. Imagine an outdoor beach wedding, a rustic wedding in an old barn or a wedding in a beautiful public garden.

4. Keep It Intimate – Do you really have 400 close family and friends to invite? Go for a small, intimate wedding because fewer guests equal less money. Think about it…fewer invitations to buy, fewer people to feed and you can choose the smaller and less expensive venue.

5. Go For Inexpensive Invitations – Pinterest will open your eyes to invitation ideas beyond the traditional. Many of the ideas are DIY, but don't be fooled…these invitations will impress for less. Check out The Budget Diet's Wedding Bliss for Less Pinterest Board for inexpensive wedding invitations and more.  In addition, consider using a wedding website like Nearlyweds.com to manage your RSVPs.  It will save on your return postage and you will get faster responses to your Save the Dates.

6. Something Borrowed – Considering that the average dress costs $1281*, wouldn't it make good financial sense to rent your dress? Do a simple internet search for “wedding dress rentals in your city”. Craigslist, Thrift Stores and Consignment Shops are another great resource.

7. Opt for Hors d'Oeuvres – Forego the sit-down dinner, and opt for hors d'oeuvres. Another great option is a morning wedding followed by brunch.

8. Limit the Bar – Keep it simple and keep the bar tab down. Why don't you only serve beer and wine or create 1 signature cocktail? If you're doing a brunch reception, The Budget Diet Girl says mimosas, that's it.

9. Cut the Cake – Not literally! I'm just suggesting that you cut the cost of your wedding cake. Do you have a family friend that could bake the cake? Remember, stores like Costco and Walmart are in the wedding cake business too. I'm told Rustic wedding cakes are easier to make which means they can be less expensive than a traditional wedding cake.

10. Skip the Extras – Wedding favors, save the date cards, limos, wedding programs, after-parties, morning after brunches…nice, but not necessary.

Keep it simple, keep it intimate and you'll enjoy wedding bliss without the bills.

*for more “scary” wedding stats, visit TheKnot.com.


image courtesy of num_skyman, FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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