Wall Art – Free, Cheap and Affordable Ideas

New house?

Blank walls?

Fill 'em up without spending big bucks!

Don't let your tight budget leave you with naked walls. Add some pizzazz and personality with these 6 ideas for wall art that will cost you next to nothing!

Ideas for Affordable Wall Art

Free Vintage Posters – That's right, FREE! Visit FreeVintagePosters.com, download and print your favorites. Of course, the frames will cost a little, but stick to simple inexpensive black metal frames from Walmart or Michael's. P.S. – Don't forget your 40% off Michael's coupon!
free posters
Calendar Art – Do you have an old calendar buried in a box? If you love the pictures, frame and group them on a wall – impressive! No calendar? No worries…try a used bookstore, thrift store or Ebay for old calendars.
calendar wall art
Postcard Wall – I have had a postcard collection since I was a little kid, and my latest project is a postcard wall! Decoupage art at it's finest!
free vintage posters

If you don't happen to have a postcard collection, Amazon is a great source!

Thrift Store Art – There are stacks of dusty, framed art just waiting to be discovered at thrift stores, but please don't judge the art by the frame because a coat of paint will give it new life. Go forth, be frugal and find a treasure. By the way, thrift stores are also a great source for inexpensive frames, and I love turning them into chalkboards for gifts. You too can turn an empty frame into a chalkboard with my easy instructions.
cheap wall art
Art School – If you have an art high school or college in your area, find out if they have a show/sale. This is a wonderful way to add original art to your collection for a fraction of the cost. Maybe you'll be lucky and discover the next Van Gogh!
print your own posters

Your Home! – Think beyond flat walls, think 3D and now think of what you might have hiding in your closets. Do you have some beautiful trays from your grandmother – hang them! How about a handmade quilt – that will fill up a BIG wall! Add some hooks to that old canoe paddle and voila, it's a coat rack! Like my fish? He's a $3 cutting board from Goodwill that I “fished” out of my cabinet to fill the big empty space above my stove!
how to fill blank walls
Weekend project anyone?

Please leave a comment to share your favorite frugal ways to add art to your home.

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