5 Ways to Save Money on Your Christmas Party

save money on christmas party

Snow is falling and friends are calling. The holidays have arrived!

You always put on a great Christmas party, and everyone is looking for your invitation in the mailbox. Unfortunately, your new budget doesn’t allow room for your annual celebration.

Don’t cancel the party. Simply adjust the usual plans to a more thrifty approach. Follow these easy steps to save money on your Christmas party this year.

Bring it Home
Finding a cheap venue to host your Christmas party can prove to be a sad venture. Forget the cheap diner and host the party at your home. The money you save on renting a venue can add up to thousands of dollars. Plus, you’ve already decorated your home for the holidays, so there are no decorations to purchase.

Go Virtual
Ditch the expensive paper invitations and email everyone an invite this year. You can create fun and interactive invitations with different online services like Evite for free. Most services offer many background and theme choices, and each invitation can be personalized so that you don’t lose that special individual touch.

Make it a Contest
Your usual caterer can be put on hold this year. Rather than telling everyone the party is a potluck, tell them it is a recipe contest. Invite everyone to bring a special side dish, finger food, or dessert with the recipe. Some may decide to opt out and just bring chips and dip, but that’s okay—this party is all about everyone having a great time. Make up cards so everyone can cast their vote for their favorite dish. Make sure to announce the winner before the party ends. You can purchase a prize for the winner with the money you saved.

Show Off Their Talents
Give your guests a chance to show off their talents. Host a talent show instead of hiring a DJ for entertainment. You need to make sure you have a CD player with speakers and at least one microphone. Someone may have one you can borrow, or you can rent one for a low price from a local party store. Karaoke machines make for great entertainment, too. Don’t forget to offer fabulous prizes and incentives.

Make it Easy
Buying sets of matching dishes really adds to the overall costs of your party, and clean-up can take forever. Don’t be left with the mess. Buy plastic utensils, paper plates, and paper napkins at a local dollar store or party store. These throw-away dishes don’t have to look cheap. Many stores now carry inexpensive plastic and paperware that looks very stylish and trendy.

Once you start cutting corners on costs, you will probably find even more ways to save money on your Christmas party this year. ‘Tis the season to be jolly, so spread some cheer and host a party everyone will always remember.


written by: Kim Wade

Kim Wade is a freelance writer who writes about motherhood, trends, and popular culture.

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