The Price of Convenience Foods

price of convenience foods

I can remember laughing when packaged salad first appeared on grocery store shelves years ago.

It seemed crazy.

Who would pay a premium price for chopped up lettuce in a bag?

Apparently, almost everyone is willing to pay a premium price for chopped up lettuce in a bag. The packaged salad industry is booming judging by the amount of shelf space they're taking up in the grocery.

Americans don't seem to think twice before overpaying for all sorts of prepackaged, pre-portioned food items.

When is the last time you compared the price of your fancy little prepackaged almonds to the price of one big bag? It's probably been a while because you're enjoying the convenience.

I've always said that time is money, but can't you spare an extra 30 seconds each morning to put a handful of almonds in a baggie? You could always enlist the help of your children in bagging up snacks when you return from the grocery…just a thought.

Before you decide if the price of convenience foods is really worth it, follow The Budget Diet Girl on a price comparison field trip to the grocery store.


Bag of Chopped Romaine Lettuce Hearts: 30¢ per ounce

Romaine Lettuce Hearts (not chopped): 18¢ per ounce

Potato Chips

Single Serving Bags: 44¢ per ounce

Big Bag: 32¢ per ounce


Individual Yogurt Cups: 12¢ per ounce

32-ounce Container: 8¢ per ounce

This list could go on and on, but I think I've made my point.

Oh the prices we're paying for convenience…is it really worth it?

Note: These prices all came from Publix Supermarket in West Palm Beach, Florida in March of 2015. I compared store brand to store brand or name brand to name brand.

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9 years ago

Very true! I started buying the bigger tubs of yogurt and boxes of crackers instead of individual. The savings add up! I just prep the night before and it’s easy!

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