50 Smart Ways To Make Extra Money

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Ready for smart money-making tips? TheBudgetDiet team has carefully put together a list of ways you can earn extra money this month. This guide offers a wealth of options, suitable for different skills, interests, and time commitments. From traditional employment to innovative online ventures, there's something for everyone here. So, let's dive in and start exploring the many paths to prosperity!

Here are 50 smart ways to make money:

1. Earn up to $80 when you win Solitaire games with this app

Solitaire Cash

Love playing Solitaire? Why not make money while indulging in your favorite pastime? With the Solitaire Cash app on your iPhone, you can turn fun into real cash!

This app offers real money tournaments – challenge yourself and win big. It’s secure and user-friendly, supporting deposits through PayPal and Apple Pay. And when you're ready to cash out your earnings, you can do so securely using PayPal.

One of the standout features of Solitaire Cash is the ad-free experience. Say goodbye to annoying interruptions. Instead, you can focus on the game and enjoy fantastic daily gifts and bonuses. There are even multiplayer tournaments for substantial prizes.

So, why wait? Start playing Solitaire Cash today. Enjoy your favorite game and make money at the same time!

2. Earn up to $200/month by providing feedback

Top brands value your opinion. Your feedback helps them make business decisions, and they're willing to pay you for each survey you take.

Branded Surveys pays you up to $5 per survey for sharing your thoughts with their brand partners. You can earn $0.50 to $5 per survey, depending on the length of the survey.

Creating a free account takes just a minute, and most surveys take between five and 15 minutes (you can see how long they'll take beforehand). Once you earn $5, you can cash out via PayPal, your bank account, Apple gift card, or Amazon gift card. Payments are typically processed within 48 hours.

Active users can earn several hundred dollars a month. Branded Surveys has paid users nearly $40 million. Signing up takes just a minute, and you'll receive a free 100-point welcome bonus for joining the community.

3. Wipe out your credit card debt

Credit Card Debt

If you're burdened by credit card debt, you understand the feeling of hopelessness it brings. The high interest rates alone can make it seem impossible to break free.

Here’s a solution that can help you get rid of your debt in just a few days. The Rate Chopper connects you with a lender who can offer you a new loan at a lower interest rate. With this loan, you can pay off all your credit card balances, leaving you with only one bill to focus on. The lower interest rate will help you pay off your debt faster.

If your credit score is above 600 and you need to borrow up to $50,000, The Rate Chopper can help you find a loan with rates as low as 5.99% APR*. This is a huge improvement compared to the high rates charged by credit card companies.

It only takes a few minutes to sign up, and there’s no impact on your credit score. Be aware that you will be asked to provide your Social Security number as part of the loan process. The Rate Chopper ensures that your information remains encrypted and secure.

The Rate Chopper can potentially save you thousands of dollars, so it’s certainly worth taking the time to sign up and give it a try.

4. Get paid to read emails

Discover an effortless way to earn money with InboxDollars – simply by reading emails!

Whether you're on your computer or smartphone, reading emails can be a fun and rewarding experience. The more messages you read, the more virtual scratch-off cards you earn, unlocking exciting prizes along the way.

You might wonder how large companies and brands manage to get their email messages to reach interested consumers, especially with spam filters blocking many emails. This is where InboxDollars steps in to bridge the gap. They connect you with these brands and share a portion of the earnings with you.

Not only do you earn rewards, but your participation also contributes to the improvement of products, services, and sales strategies of various brands. By providing feedback through your engagement with these emails, you help brands understand how to enhance their offerings.

InboxDollars offers a fantastic opportunity to earn money effortlessly while influencing brands and enjoying exciting rewards. Start reading emails today and make your opinions count!

5. Get paid to play Bingo

Bingo Cash

Imagine adding a little extra cash to your bank account this week. There's a free iPhone app called Bingo Cash that pays you up to $80 when you win bingo.

The game follows a classic Bingo format, along with numerous variations. You compete against other players at your skill level. Since everyone gets the same board and sees the same Bingo balls, winning is
entirely skill-based.

The top three players in a game can win real money, ranging from $1 to $80!

To get started earning money, simply download the free app and begin playing your first game right away.

6. Work from home as a bookkeeper

Life can be hectic, and not everyone has the freedom or time to commute to a full-time job. Wouldn't it be great if you could earn money without leaving home? Although most employers don't offer this, bookkeeping could be your solution.

Thanks to Bookkeepers.com, you can earn a living by starting your own bookkeeping business. No need to be an accountant or a calculus expert – if you're motivated, Bookkeepers.com will teach you everything you need to know. You can even get the first three classes for free.

Thousands have successfully launched their businesses through Bookkeepers.com. To explore this opportunity, simply submit your email address here for the first free class. With determination and hard work, you could be running your own business in just a few months.

7. Enjoy a free $80 by playing Bubble Cash on your smartphone

Many of us already enjoy playing games on our phones for fun or to pass the time. Why not see if you can win money doing it? Try the free app Bubble Cash, which rewards you for popping bubbles!

Based on the classic bubble-shooter format, you'll compete against players of similar skill levels to clear the board quickly. With everyone receiving the same layout, skill determines the winner. The top three players can win real money, ranging from $1 to $80.

Bubble Cash has over a million downloads. Download the free app and start playing right away!

8. Earn cash with your smartphone

We all use our smartphones to pass the time, whether it's browsing Facebook, watching videos, or downloading new apps. Why not get paid for it? With a website called KashKick, you can earn cash by answering survey questions or downloading apps.

You can also make money playing games, watching videos, and reading emails, but surveys are the primary way to earn.

Once you accumulate $10 in your account, you can get paid via PayPal. It's a simple way to earn extra cash while you're relaxing on your couch using your phone or computer.

Signing up takes just a minute, and you'll immediately earn $1 for completing your profile on the site. You make money just by signing up!

9. Save on car insurance by comparing quotes instantly

Compare Car Insurance

How long has it been since you last checked your car insurance rates? You might be missing out on potential savings with your current policy.

If your last comparison was more than six months ago, it's worth giving it another look. A website called CheapRatesOnline could potentially help you save up to $500 annually.

Simply spend two minutes answering some questions, and CheapRatesOnline's intelligent matching technology will introduce you to the insurance providers most suitable for your needs. Your information is protected with top-tier data security and encryption technology, ensuring that your details remain secure.

What's even better is that the website is free to use, and it can offer you an extra 20% savings if you add another vehicle to your policy. Your monthly car insurance payment could be as low as $22.

Millions of users have already turned to CheapRatesOnline for affordable car insurance. Sign up and start saving today.

10. Trade in your old gadgets

If you have old gadgets collecting dust around your home, why not turn them into a source of extra income? Amazon's Trade-In program offers a convenient and lucrative way to do just that.

The program lets you exchange thousands of eligible items, from Amazon devices and cell phones to tablets and video games, in return for an Amazon.com Gift Card. It's an excellent way to declutter, recycle and gain value from items you no longer need.

Better yet, some trade-ins may qualify for promotional credit off a new Amazon device. So if you're eyeing the latest Kindle or Echo, this program could make it even more affordable.

The process is designed to be easy and convenient. Simply submit your item, get an immediate offer, and if you accept, you'll receive a prepaid shipping label to send in your item for free. Once your item is received and its condition verified, an Amazon Gift Card for the trade-in value is issued directly to your account. Easy as pie!

👉 Here's How To Supplement Your Income Today!

11. Earn over $30/hour as a freelancer


If you’re looking for a flexible way to earn a good income, consider becoming a freelancer on Upwork. This popular platform connects freelancers with businesses seeking their expertise. From web development and graphic design to writing, marketing, and admin support – there's a wide array of job categories available.

The average wage for freelancers on Upwork is over $30 an hour. Plus, you'll have the freedom to set your own schedule, choose the projects that interest you, and work from anywhere you like.

If you're ready to leverage your skills, become your own boss, and earn a substantial income, give Upwork a try. Whether you're seeking full-time work or just looking to supplement your income, Upwork offers the flexibility, variety, and earning potential that can make freelancing the perfect choice.

Start your freelance journey on Upwork today.

12. Protect yourself from overdraft fees with Chime's SpotMe feature

We've all experienced the inconvenience and embarrassment of an overdraft at some point. Not only can it be frustrating when your card gets declined over a small amount, but the fees associated with overdrafts can set you back even further. Thankfully, the banking app Chime offers a solution with its SpotMe® feature.

SpotMe® provides free overdraft protection. Eligible members can overdraft up to $200 without penalty. You can sign up for a free Chime checking account and set up a qualifying $200 monthly direct deposit. Along with SpotMe®, you'll enjoy other benefits like receiving your pay up to two days earlier with direct deposit, assistance in automatically growing your savings, and access to over 60,000 fee-free ATMs.

It takes just a few minutes to sign up for worry-free banking with Chime.

13. Earn extra cash delivering with DoorDash

If you want to earn extra cash, transform your vehicle into a money-making machine with DoorDash. As a Dasher, you get paid for each savory delivery, PLUS you get to keep the tips – now that’s tasty.

Depending on the time you put in, you can cook up hundreds of dollars a week. And no backseat DJs or chatty passengers, unlike our friends over at Uber. It’s just you, your trusty steed, and the open road. Let's call it “cash with a side of freedom.”

Sign up for DoorDash and start making money today!

14. Earn money for filling up your gas tank

Filling up gas tank

Now you can turn your crumpled shopping receipts into cold, hard cash! It's time you met Fetch Rewards, the savvy shopper's secret weapon.

Simply download this free app and let it do the heavy lifting. When you purchase gas from one of the approved gas stations, just snap a picture of your receipt. Upload it to the Fetch app and earn points that you can convert into real money.

Time to cash in on your consumer prowess and let those receipts start paying you back. Download the free Fetch Rewards app and start earning today.

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15. Earn company stocks by paying bills

Now you can be rewarded each time you pay for monthly streaming services, gas, or groceries. The Stash Stock-Back® Card can be used at popular places like Amazon, Costco, CVS, McDonald’s, AT&T, Netflix, and BP. By using the card, you'll automatically receive a piece of stock in that company. For local or privately-owned businesses, you'll be rewarded with a default investment of your choice.

The Stash Stock-Back® Card comes without overdraft or monthly balance fees and offers monthly subscriptions starting at just $3/month. Once you deposit at least $1 into your Stash banking account, you can begin banking right away.

Over time, your stocks can grow, and you'll diversify your portfolio by shopping at various brands. Join Stash and become one of the 6 million happy customers. Download the app here and start in just a few minutes.

16. Earn over $200 per month while listening to music

Listening to Music

What could be better than jamming to your favorite tunes? Earning cash while you're at it! With Swagbucks, you can serenade your savings account. Just log onto Swagbucks, pop in those earbuds, and play your favorite playlists while you browse, shop, and take surveys.

You can earn points for things you're already doing online, like shopping your favorite brands, googling that random trivia, or even binge-watching videos. You collect these Swagbucks and trade them in for free PayPal money or gift cards from popular retailers.

You're literally turning everyday web activity into cash. By the end of your favorite album, you could have already racked up enough points to cash in for a reward. It's like your own personal encore.

You can make over $200 per month if you spend just 30 minutes a day earning with Swagbucks. Now, that's music to anyone's ears. Sign up today!

17. Make extra money as a mystery shopper

Ever wanted to go undercover and get paid for it? Consider becoming a Mystery Shopper, so you can turn your routine errands into a secret mission – and a payday.

As a Mystery Shopper, you're hired to be the customer, exploring everything from service quality to product selection, all while taking discrete notes. The staff has no idea they're being evaluated.

Once your mission is complete, you report back with your top-secret findings. And the best part is you get paid, often with freebies or swag thrown in. Turn your regular shopping into a James Bond-style escapade and see your everyday world in a whole new light.

18. Pursue a career as a life coach

If you have a passion for helping others and a knack for offering advice, consider turning these skills into a career as a life coach.

As a life coach, you have the opportunity to guide individuals toward achieving their personal or professional goals, offering support, motivation, and strategic advice along the way.

Life coaches typically earn around $5,000 a month, and they often have the flexibility to set their own rates and working hours. This allows you to maintain a work-life balance that suits your needs. Becoming a life coach could be the profitable money maker you've been searching for.

19. Earn cash back and a $5 bonus while shopping at your favorite stores

Earn Cash Back

With countless coupon sites and referral codes available, finding the best grocery deals online can be overwhelming. Tada simplifies the process by providing the best cash-back opportunities when you shop at Walmart, Target, Kroger, or any other partner stores.

Tada lays out a smorgasbord of coupons and cash-back opportunities right at your fingertips. Simply clip deals from your preferred stores and add them to your app's virtual grocery list before shopping. You can also scan your receipt after shopping in-store to receive cash rewards. You can then redeem rewards for gift cards or transfer the balance directly to your PayPal account.

Sign up with Tada today and receive a $5 bonus!

20. Share your grocery purchases and earn cash

Nielsen, the company known for tracking TV ratings, now wants to learn about your grocery shopping habits. By signing up for the Nielsen Consumer Panel, you'll gain access to the NCPMobile app to scan the barcodes of groceries you buy.

In return, Nielsen will reward you with points that can be redeemed for gift cards, electronics, and household items. The longer you remain on the panel, the more opportunities you'll have to earn rewards.

Signing up is easy. Just answer a few basic questions about your household and Nielsen will review your application.

Join NCP today!

21. Put your junk mail to work

The Small Business Knowledge (SBK) Center wants to see your mail. Join their consumer panel and send your unwanted mail in a postage-paid envelope to the market research company. You can earn up to $20 every 6-10 weeks, simply by unloading junk mail that is otherwise destined for the recycling bin.

22. Fix search engine mistakes

Looking to spice up your freelance gig? You may want to think about becoming a search engine evaluator. Tech company Lionbridge frequently hires for these positions.

Typically, there are three types of positions: Translator, Rater, or Web Content Judge. You can help improve the quality and relevance of search results while earning up to $18 an hour.

As a Translator, you must know more than one language and be able to proofread automatic translations. In the role of a Rater, you assess and rank search engine results, directly influencing the quality of the internet. As a Web Content Judge, you evaluate the quality and relevance of web pages.

In all three roles, you have the chance to make the internet a better place while making money from the comfort of your home.

23. Open a high-yield savings account

Let your money work as hard as you do with Capital One's 360 Performance Savings account. This high-yield account offers a competitive 4.10% APY, meaning the more you save, the more you earn.

Forget about hidden costs – there are no monthly or maintenance fees, and no minimum balance required. Plus, it's easy to transfer funds, even from external bank accounts.

Opening an account takes just 5 minutes. Your money is FDIC-insured and waiting for the high-yield life. Start today with Capital One!

24. Sell thrift store clothes on eBay

Thrift Store

Ready to turn that eye for style and bargain into a treasure trove of profits? Welcome to the exciting world of thrifting and reselling on eBay.

Thrifting can be more than a hobby – it can be a smart way to make some extra income. Start by exploring your local thrift shops to find items with potential value. From clothing and accessories to collectibles, you'd be surprised what people are searching for. Once you've found your items, you can list them on eBay and let the money roll in.

TheBudgetDiet contributor Dixie is a huge fan of thrift stores, and she shares some thoughts on the types of treasures you can find.

25. Start your own blog

Starting a blog can be a fantastic way to earn money. Many people are making an impressive income from blogging, and there's no reason why you can't be among them.

Whether you're passionate about food, travel, fashion, technology, or any other topic, there's a vast audience waiting to hear from you. By creating engaging content that resonates with your audience, you can attract traffic, build trust, and gradually monetize your platform.

But how do you get started? We've got you covered with the Ultimate Guide to Making Money from Blogging. Our comprehensive guide will walk you through every step of the process. From setting up your blog and writing your first post, to strategies for attracting readers and making money, our guide can help get you started.

26. Earn money by losing weight with HealthyWage

Weight Loss

Get fit and boost your bank balance at the same time with HealthyWage. By setting personal weight loss goals and placing a bet on your success, you have the chance to win up to $10,000.

You can make a “HealthyWager,” which involves betting on your weight loss. You set your weight loss goal, the time frame you want to achieve it, and the amount you’re willing to bet.

It's an opportunity to achieve a healthier body and a fuller wallet. Now you can shed those unwanted pounds and earn money at the same time.

Read our HealthyWage review.

27. Make money streaming video games on Twitch

Who said making money can't be all fun and games? Imagine earning thousands of dollars by just doing what you love – playing video games! That's the power of Twitch, where your gaming skills can turn into a cash-generating machine.

Yes, it's real. By streaming your gaming sessions on Twitch, you can rake in money through various streams like ad revenue, subscriptions, and tips from your viewers. It's not just chump change, either – top Twitch streamers are known to earn a hefty paycheck.

If you're a gaming enthusiast, it may be time to amp up the stakes. Start your Twitch streaming journey today and let your gaming passion lead you to substantial earnings. Now that’s a high score worth chasing!

28. Earn $40 a month with Survey Junkie

Looking for a fun and easy way to make some extra cash? You should definitely check out Survey Junkie, a platform where your opinion is literally worth money.

Your views on various topics can help you earn up to $40 a month. Sounds fun, right? Well, it is. You won't become a millionaire, but it's like having a mini-side job that doesn't require any expertise or hard work.

Just answer some questions, share your thoughts, and voila, you've got some extra cash. It's an effortless way to boost your budget, giving you a bit more flexibility for life's little luxuries, be it a fancy cup of coffee or that book you've been meaning to read.

Join Survey Junkie and start making money today!

29. Rent your friendship

Rent a Friend

Looking for a unique way to earn money that revolves around social interaction? Consider becoming a friend on RentAFriend.com. It's a platform where you can offer companionship to others for various social activities, which range from attending events to simply spending time chatting.

As a friend for hire, you'll meet a wide array of individuals while getting paid for your time. The gig provides flexibility, allowing you to work on your terms and set your own rates. It might not make you rich overnight, but it's a solid way to supplement your income.

This role is especially ideal if you enjoy meeting new people and don't mind being social. You'll help fill a need for companionship, and in return, you get the benefit of earning additional money. If this sounds like a fit for you, try RentAFriend.com today.

30. Get paid by NASA for participating in bed rest studies

Ever dreamed of contributing to the future of space travel? How about earning money while doing so, and all while lying in bed?

Yes, you read that right! NASA often does sleep studies that pay you for staying in bed for two months. Why? To simulate the effects of long-term space travel on the human body and develop countermeasures. It's a way for you to help astronauts and contribute to space exploration, all without leaving your bed.

A recent NASA job listing offered $19,000 for 60 days in bed. So, if you've got the time to spare and love the idea of turning your bed into a paid workspace, NASA's sleep studies await you.

31. Become a tutor

If you have expertise in a particular subject and enjoy helping others learn, consider sharing your knowledge and skills as a tutor on Wyzant. It's an online platform connecting tutors with students in need of assistance across various subjects.

The best part? You have the autonomy to set your own hourly rate, making it a flexible and potentially lucrative way to earn money. Whether you're a math whiz, a history buff, a grammar guru, or proficient in another subject, your skills are in demand.

As a Wyzant tutor, you can help students overcome academic hurdles and reach their potential, all while boosting your income. It's a rewarding opportunity that lets you make a difference in the students' lives. So, take your passion for teaching to the next level. Join Wyzant today and start your journey as a tutor. Your expertise could be the key to unlocking a student's future success.

Tutors listed on Wyzant have earned more than $64 million.

32. Earn money with your smartphone photography

Do you love capturing moments on your smartphone? Turn that hobby into cash with Foap. This app allows you to upload your unique photos and sell them to buyers globally. Whether it's landscapes, cityscapes, food, pets, or anything in between – there's a market for it all.

When you upload your photos or videos to Foap's online portfolio, and someone purchases them, Foap shares the earnings with you 50/50.

Whether it's a captivating landscape, a candid moment, or a specially staged scene, your hobby could become a profitable venture. Join the Foap community of over 3 million members today and start earning today.

33. Get paid to drink delicious craft beer

Drinking Beer

You can actually get paid to visit breweries by becoming a mystery shopper. Your job will be to provide anonymous, objective feedback at various locations like grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, or breweries.

Secret Hopper offers paid opportunities to visit breweries and objectively rate and review your experiences. TheBudgetDiet contributor Stenson earned $25 after spending $20 at a pub. Have some fun and enjoy free beer!

While you won't become rich, you will enjoy free beer, which is an enticing perk. To get started, sign up with Secret Hopper, and they'll contact you when your services are needed.

34. Help lawyers prepare for cases as a mock juror

Consider signing up for eJury, a platform that lets you participate in a mock jury and get paid for it. As an eJuror, you'll review interesting legal cases from the comfort of your home and provide feedback that attorneys use to prepare for trial.

For each verdict you render, you'll earn $5 to $10, depending on the length of the case. While this may not make you rich, it can add a nice boost to your income.

Not only does eJury provide a financial benefit, but it also gives you a fascinating peek into the legal world. So, why not give eJury a try? Turn your curiosity into cash and sign up today.

35. Earn money through online transcription jobs

Looking for flexible work that can be done from the comfort of your own home? Consider joining Rev.com, where you can earn money as a transcriptionist.

Transcription involves converting audio and video files into written text. Rev transcriptionists make between $0.30 to $1.10 per audio or video minute transcribed.

While it might not seem like a large amount, it can add up with consistent work. Plus, the more you transcribe, the faster and more efficient you become, which could increase your earning potential.

The beauty of this job is its flexibility. You can choose your own hours and work as much or as little as you want, making it a perfect fit for those needing to work around other commitments.

So, if you have good listening skills and can type accurately, consider using those skills to earn extra income on Rev.com. Turn your spare time into a productive, money-making opportunity!

36. Work from home as a customer service representative

Have you thought about providing customer service from the comfort of your own home?

With an increasing number of companies turning to remote work solutions, this is a fantastic opportunity to make money from home as a remote customer service rep. This job not only offers the convenience of working from home but also provides a competitive average pay rate of $15-$18 an hour.

Remote customer service roles are diverse and involve helping customers with inquiries, solving problems, and providing information about products or services. Hours are often flexible. With the availability for both full-time and part-time positions, you can adapt your work schedule to fit your lifestyle.

Your primary responsibility will be to answer customer questions over the phone or through online chat.

If you possess strong communication skills, enjoy problem-solving, and have a knack for maintaining customer relationships, this could be an ideal fit for you. It's a win-win situation – you can enhance your career while maintaining the comfort and flexibility of working from home.

37. Sell your artwork and homemade crafts online

If you're a creative soul with a knack for crafting unique items, why not turn that talent into a money-making venture on Etsy? Etsy.com is a popular online marketplace that specializes in handmade goods, vintage items, and craft supplies, serving as the perfect platform for artists to showcase their creativity.

Setting up shop on Etsy allows you to reach millions of potential customers globally. Whether you specialize in custom jewelry, quirky prints, hand-knitted clothing, vintage goods, or any other unique creations, there's a space for you on Etsy.

Don't be intimidated if you're new to the world of online selling. Etsy's user-friendly interface makes it easy to set up your shop, list products, and manage orders. Plus, there are plenty of helpful resources available to guide you on your selling journey.

While managing an Etsy shop requires effort, the financial rewards can be significant, especially if you're selling products you're passionate about making. So, why wait? Turn your crafty hobby into a profitable venture. Start selling on Etsy today and let your creative spirit shine while earning money doing what you love.

38. Become a house sitter

Imagine living rent-free while exploring different locales. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, it's possible with MindMyHouse, a platform that connects homeowners with reliable house sitters.

As a house sitter, you can stay in homes worldwide at no cost in exchange for taking care of the property (and sometimes pets). This could mean significant savings on rent or travel accommodation expenses. So, if you're flexible with your location and enjoy caring for homes, why not turn that into a lifestyle? Start your house-sitting adventure with MindMyHouse and enjoy a cost-effective way to explore the world!

39. Publish an ebook

Publish an Ebook

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a published author? With the rise of self-publishing, that dream is more achievable than ever before. Self-publishing an ebook is a great way to share your knowledge, tell your story, and earn money in the process.

The topic of your ebook could be anything you're passionate about. Whether it's a thrilling novel, a helpful guide, a collection of favorite recipes, or tips on a particular skill, there's likely an audience eager to read what you have to write.

Self-publishing platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing make the process easy. You maintain control over your work, including the design, price, and marketing. And the best part? You can earn up to 70% in royalties on sales to customers in most countries.

Keep in mind, successful self-publishing involves more than just writing. You'll need to invest time in editing, formatting, designing a captivating cover, and planning a marketing strategy to reach potential readers. However, the effort can be well worth it. Self-publishing an ebook is a rewarding way to turn your ideas and creativity into a source of income.

40. Teach English online as a second language

Do you have a passion for teaching and want to earn money while impacting young lives globally? Consider becoming a Qkids teacher.

Qkids is a leading online education platform that connects North American English teachers to millions of international students aged 6 to 12.

Using Qkids' user-friendly, narrative game-based learning platform, you can guide students through a dynamic curricular experience, right from the comfort of your own home. It's a unique opportunity to enhance children's education while embracing a fun, interactive teaching methodology.

Teaching with Qkids not only provides a reliable income stream but also a chance to grow professionally in the field of online education. You'll be playing a crucial role in bridging cultural gaps while earning $15-$18 an hour.

Please note that to be eligible to teach with Qkids, you generally need a bachelor’s degree or be currently enrolled in a university program, and also have some teaching experience.

41. Be a fake patient for med schools

Fake Patient

If you're searching for a unique and rewarding way to earn money, consider becoming a standardized patient. Standardized patients are fake patients that help train medical students and healthcare professionals.

In this job, you act like you have specific medical conditions or situations, helping students learn to diagnose and interact with patients effectively. You can provide real-world experience for future healthcare providers.

Standardized patients often make $18-$20 an hour, making it a practical way to supplement income. Plus, no medical knowledge or acting experience is typically required.

42. Become an online instructor

If you have a knack for teaching and specific expertise to share, consider becoming an instructor on Udemy, a popular online learning platform.

By developing and teaching courses, you can reach a vast audience worldwide, earning money each time a student purchases your course. Topics include coding, business strategies, graphic design, yoga, cooking, and more.

The beauty of Udemy is its flexibility. You can create courses on your own schedule, and once published, they can generate income passively. You can be earning money while you sleep, work on other projects, or even while you're creating your next Udemy course.

43. Earn up to $35 a day watching movies

Get Paid To Watch Movies

Imagine getting paid for doing something as enjoyable as watching movies! Various market research companies often hire viewers to watch and review movies. This can be a fun and easy way to earn extra income.

There are a variety of research companies that will pay you for your time. Why not turn your love for films into a rewarding venture? Grab some popcorn and start your cinematic money-making journey today.

44. Sell custom drawings

If you possess artistic flair, why not monetize your talent by selling custom drawings on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok? By taking custom requests, you can provide unique, personalized art that's in demand.

It's a great opportunity to grow your personal brand, showcase your creativity, and earn money doing what you love. Interact with your audience, accept their requests, and start earning. With every doodle you create, you're enhancing someone's life with your art and making money at the same time. Win-win!

45. Earn rewards for staying active


If you're already committed to living a healthy lifestyle, why not earn money for it? With the Evidation app, you can earn points for everyday health activities like walking, meditating, and logging meals. These points can be converted into cash or donated to charity, giving you a financial reward for maintaining your health. It's an easy and motivating way to incentivize your wellness journey.

So, stay active, eat well, and let Evidation reward your healthy lifestyle. It's like having a personal trainer in your pocket, but this one pays you! Boost your health and your wallet today.

46. Earn over $100 a month doing odd jobs

If you enjoy hands-on tasks and helping others, consider becoming a Tasker on TaskRabbit.

TaskRabbit connects skilled individuals with people in their area who need help with tasks like moving, cleaning, or assembling furniture. As a Tasker, you set your rates and choose tasks that match your skills and schedule.

It's a flexible way to earn extra income doing what you're good at and enjoy. Sign up for TaskRabbit today and make extra money by lending a hand.

47. Search for missing money

Believe it or not, there might be money out there with your name on it! Many people have unclaimed assets like tax refunds, old bank accounts, or uncashed paychecks without even realizing it.

The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators has a powerful search tool that helps you find any unclaimed property. It's an easy, free service that could result in a nice financial surprise.

Why not take a moment to search their database? It's like a treasure hunt where you could end up reclaiming lost money. Start your search today and you might just find some unexpected cash!

48. Earn up to $35 an hour tutoring online

Online Instructor

Do you love teaching and yearn for a flexible job that lets you work from home? Look no further than Tutor.com. This platform offers a fantastic opportunity to earn money by sharing your expertise with students around the world.

You can set your schedule and tutor anywhere between 5-29 hours per week, depending on what works best for you. The convenience of online tutoring means you can work from anywhere with a stable internet connection.

Turn your love for teaching into a flexible and rewarding source of income with Tutor.com. Give it a try, and you might find your perfect work-at-home solution.

49. Get free internet or a free phone

We know times are tough and every penny counts. That's why we want to introduce you to a fantastic program that could lighten your load: Lifeline Assistance. You can qualify for a free phone, phone service, and even free internet for your household.

Let's face it, we all rely on technology for nearly everything – keeping up with the news, making medical appointments, online shopping, or simply staying in touch with loved ones. The Lifeline program ensures you stay connected for free or nearly free!

Signing up is easy and it only takes a few minutes to apply.

50. Donate plasma and earn $20-$50 per visit

Donate Plasma

Looking for a simple and fulfilling way to earn extra cash? Consider donating plasma – a life-saving component of your blood. Plasma donation centers across the country compensate donors for their time and effort. You can typically earn between $20 to $50 per donation.

Not only does this process put some extra money in your pocket, but it's also a vital contribution to the healthcare industry. Plasma is crucial for a variety of medical treatments and research, and your donation can make a significant difference to those in need.

Donation centers ensure the process is safe and comfortable, and the typical time investment is just a few hours. You can read, listen to music, or relax during the process. Most centers allow you to donate plasma twice a week, leading to a potentially substantial monthly income.

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