How to Earn Extra Money by Watching Movies

Earn a few bucks just by watching movie previews. This is perfect for all movie lovers.
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Most people would grab the opportunity to earn a few extra dollars each month. Did you know that it is possible to earn money simply by watching movie previews? It might sound too good to be true, but with a bit of commitment, it is absolutely possible to earn upwards of $250 extra every month simply by watching movie previews. Here are 4 tried and tested methods.

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks, while strictly not limited to movie previews, is an online reward and cash back system that allows you to accumulate points for doing things you would normally do online. This can be anything from playing games to watching online videos. You will accumulate points that can easily be converted into cash for your PayPal account or vouchers with Swagbuck's partner retailers.

2. Become a “Movie Counter”

Probably the most common way to make money watching movies, this involves assessing how many people are watching a  particular movie. This job was formed when production companies discovered a dishonest practice. Rather than sending the funds to the production company, many movie theaters kept the money earned from ticket sales. When the production companies caught on to this, they started sending people into the movies anonymously to count the audience. A movie counter is assigned to a particular movie theater for a couple of days per week. He or she will also be advised when to get there, usually around 15 to 20 minutes prior to the movie starting.

However,this isn't a quick way to earn money going to the cinema. You'll have the responsibility to count accurately and take note when new people join the audience. As long as this is done, however, you can sit back and enjoy the movie. To get one of these jobs,  apply to a mystery shopper agency. The agency you choose will depend on your location. Check out these popular agencies:

3. Netflix

Yes, really, Netflix!

Believe it or not, Netflix offers the opportunity for people to earn money watching movies on its platform. These people are called “taggers.” Their role is to watch new movies that are added to the platform and tag them accordingly. As a Netflix Tagger, you would generally be expected to watch anywhere between 5 to 12 movies per week, earning an average of $300.

These positions are not readily available, however. Landing a job can often come down to luck and is often a case of “not what you know but who you know.” With that said, it's definitely worth a shot, especially in light of Netflix’s ever-expanding platform. Check out this article for more information.

4. You-Cubez

The concept of You-Cubez is similar to that of Swagbucks. Again, the platform isn't limited to just watching videos. Earnings are transferred to your PayPal account and they have a decent commission system in place to reward you for referring friends. The videos you'll be watching on this site vary a lot. Some will indeed be movie previews while others may be an online ad or similar.

So there you go! Our 4 places you can go to earn money watching movie previews. I hope you can see that with a bit of perseverance, it's more than possible to earn some extra dollars doing this.

Good luck!

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