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best flash sale sites

The advent of e-commerce took the consumers out of the shopping mall and allowed them to purchase anything and everything their hearts desired with the click of a button. But like most aspects of the Internet, e-commerce is an ever-changing landscape in a constant state of flux. Retailers are trying to build brand loyalty anyway they know how while the consumer is always looking for new and creative ways to score a deal. Enter “flash sale” websites.

These are websites that offer deals and discounts during a specific time window. Gilt Groupe, for example, put the idea of discount-based shopping websites on the map. Retailers love the idea of reaching a wide target audience while being able to unload surplus stock, and consumers love saving money on said stock. Of course this business model proved so popular that there are now more than a few flash sale websites cluttering the World Wide Web, all of them vying for the attention of the same consumer base.

With that in mind, here are some of the best shopping sites on the e-commerce landscape today.


Hautelook covers everything from fashion to accessories to housewares and travel packages. Those who are in a pinch and in need of a quick holiday or birthday gift purchase would do well to check out this particular site. On top of the inventory, Hautelook offers regular deals of up to 70% off.


This site offers daily flash sales as well as deals that can be found locally. Predominantly a fashion site, RueLaLa pride themselves on touting cool and cutting edge designers. They also offer deals of up to 70% off.


This is’s entry into the world flash sale, and it is another fashion-centric site. That being said, the items to be found at MyHabit are upscale and glam, with a sexy shoes on offer for half off and various other items available at a 60% discount.


This boutique website is a combination social network/shopping competition. Users log onto the site where they can “peek” at item prices. The longer it takes for a certain item to sell out, the lower the price drops. This makes the process of seeing who can ge the best deal a fairly exciting one. And the total Facebook integration allows users to see their competitors.

Sole Society

Sole Society has their users complete a fashion test, and at the end of each month they send each user a “virtual closet” of shoe options from which to choose. The best part is that, not only are the shoes in keeping with modern trends and styles, each pair is only 49.95. As an added bonus, users get a free pair of shoes when they sign up three friends who in turn by three pairs of shoes.

Rent the Runway

Think of it as Netflix meets the catwalk. Users who sign up at this site can rent jaw-droppingly stunning dresses for up to 90% off their total cost. This is an ideal website for those who are looking for a designer dress for a single big occasion, like a wedding or opening. The cost of cleaning is included in the overall price, and the company prides itself on efficient shipping and returns.

These are just a few of the best discount sites offering up deals on fashion, accessories and beyond. If the past is any indicator then there are likely new sites with cutting edge sales and discount schemes on the horizon. But it’s just this uncertainty regarding the potential deals of tomorrow that makes it all the more vital to take advantage of the very real deals of today.


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Bob Rosenberg
11 years ago

Dont forget the site , another great addition for retail store sales and coupons

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