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save money
Every year, people make resolutions for the changes they wish to implement in the coming year. Many resolutions center on personal goals such as weight loss or learning a new language. Many times, people do not have, being budget conscious uppermost in their minds. Many people, in fact, have New Year's resolutions of earning more money or getting a better job. Very rarely does anyone think of savings accounts and the kind of things they can cut out of their monthly budget to save more money.

Every Little Thing Counts
The New Year is all about expansion and growth and finally making it all come together. Unfortunately, most people don't have a serious plan for making this happen. Not many individuals have sticking to a budget and saving money on daily spending as a goal to strive for. Yet, this is the very thing that can make people more financially solvent if stuck to on a regular basis. There are so many things that can be done, from opening savings accounts and regularly contributing, to cutting out luxury items like the daily coffee from the upscale coffee shop. Check out more ways to save money this year.

Save Money on Hair Styling
There are many things that can be considered luxury items that are not strictly necessary to enhance quality of life. Many individuals think that they cannot face the world without having their hair professionally cut and styled. To maintain a hairstyle usually means going to the hairdresser once a month. This is very expensive and is simply not necessary in a lot of cases.
It is possible to let the hair grow out a little bit longer and have it done every two months. This usually does no harm and can save several hundred dollars over the course of a year. There are many beauty schools that supervise students cutting hair on customers. This is very cost-effective and the students are closely supervised. It is possible to either color hair at home or have it done by beauty school students.

Save Money on Manicures & Pedicures
The same is true for manicures and pedicures. These can be done at a beauty school by students for a fraction of the cost of visiting a salon.

Save Money by Eating at Home
Another way to save money is to eat at home more often. Eating at restaurants can really add up and the food is not always the healthiest. There are many excellent and healthy pre-made meals that can be heated up easily in the microwave or oven.

Save Money on Books, Music and Movies
Many people enjoy buying magazines or books. Downloading eBooks is now quite popular. A free way to obtain these items is to borrow them from the local library. Every community has libraries and many carry large selections of popular magazines. There are usually thousands of books to choose from and in all categories. It is even possible to borrow movies and music CDs. All these savings quickly add up and can be used to put into savings accounts. At the end of the year quite a large chunk of change should have been accumulated to pay off debts or buy something special.

Remember, every little expense counts.


Written by: Andreas


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