7 Easy Ways To Save Money

easy ways to save money

With a mortgage, kids, cars and bills that just keep coming, you may wonder how you will ever make it until the end of the month without resorting to living on peanut butter and jelly until payday, let alone save money.

Easy Ways to Save Money

1. Actually create a budget

Maybe your never had to learn how to make a budget, or maybe you've let your current budget slide, but having your budget in writing and sticking to it is the best way to know where your money is going and how you can save.

2. Stop eating out

It may be tempting after you skipped breakfast and the Top Ramen you heated up in the office microwave somehow didn't turn out as it should, but the last thing you should do is head to the drive through with your family. Looking through your bank statement for the last month, calculate how much you spent eating out in one week or even two, and I promise it will be nearly double what your monthly grocery bill would have cost! If you feel too tired to put on a gourmet meal after work, consider having those in your family take turns cooking!

3. Consider buying used

Though you may love the feel and smell of new furniture, there is something to be said for buying used and putting the rest into savings. Buying used can also force you to pay with cash, and not set up credit lines through furniture or electronic store.

4. Skip the gym…memberships

Instead of pouring money into gym memberships, consider just taking a jog outside. Not only will the fresh air be good for you, it is also an activity that you can do with your whole family.

5. Wait for the cheap seats

Watching a movie the same night it releases is exciting, especially when it's the midnight showing of a new superhero movie, taking your entire family to that showing can drain your entertainment budget in one go, especially if jumbo popcorn and sodas are on the menu. Instead, wait for the movie to come to the dollar theatre.

6. Economize you gas guzzler

Sure you love your giant SUV that makes you feel like the biggest baddest thing on the road. But trading it in for a more economical option such as a minivan perhaps can cut your gas bill in half, or more. When it comes to your car, here's another money saving tip:  Each year compare insurance rates and make sure you're taking advantage of discounts like good student, good driver and others.  Don't let your policy renew automatically without taking the time to shop around.

7. Give it the old college try

While you may not be comfortable giving yourself highlights, there are many things you can do for personal maintenance and home care to save you and your family money. Consider having a manicure night with your family, even the boys in the family will have fun soaking their cuticles, and spending the weekend doing yard work instead of paying for a landscaping company will help everyone at home feel satisfied after a job well done!

These easy ways to save money will not only help increase your savings for the month, but may help with family togetherness as you reduce spending and stick to that budget!


written by:  Tricia Borren

Tricia is just a mother and a blogger from California. There’s not much more to her than that!


image courtesy of graur razvan donut, FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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10 years ago

I just started baking my own dog treats. Dog treats are expensive, especially the healthy ones. I have searched online for healthy treat recipes that usually consist of only 4 or 5 ingredients. My dog, as well as my neighbor’s dogs and sister’s dogs love them! It’s something small to save money but every little bit helps.

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