Ready? Set? Shop and Save

Snow Me The Money
Ready or not Black Friday is coming!

Have you made your list?

Set your budget?

Studied the ads?

Compared prices?

Found coupons?

If your answer is “yes”, the only thing left to do is set your alarm clock!

Now imagine this scenario…

You arrive at the first store, you load up your cart with amazing deals, you go to check out and realize your coupons are sitting on the kitchen counter! The bargain queen inside you is feeling sick. Your perfect shopping day is ruined. What to do? What to do?

If you get out of line, those “limited time” deals will be gone by the time you return.

Got a smartphone?

Quickly download the RetailMeNot Mobile Coupons App, and you’ll have access to 500,000 coupons at over 60,000 stores…WOW! The app makes it easy to find coupons by store, and all you have to do is show your phone at checkout to save. That’s right, the cashier will scan the little barcode from the coupon on your phone…how cool is that? Even better, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting those paper coupons again.

Whew…now you can breathe a sign of relief. You’re still a savvy shopper, and you tackled Black Friday like a true bargain queen.



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