Mr Rebates Review: Earn Money Back When You Shop

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There are various cash back sites out there and more people are getting interested in earning while shopping online. Who would have ever thought that people can earn while shopping? In this article, we will discuss how that can be possible through Mr Rebates. Many people may be wondering if the website is legit or if it is just another scam. In this review, we will discuss some things that interested users should be aware of before signing up.

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What Is Mr Rebates?

Mr Rebates was established by Craig Cassata in 2002. The website gives its members the chance to earn cash back for online shopping. The website allows its users to receive cash back for everyday purchases such as clothes, shoes, groceries, etc. The firm has links to many of the popular and favorite stores that people already shop at, such as Best Buy, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Target, and the like. It offers access to deals with more than 2,000 stores.

Mr Rebates is widely recognized as a reputable firm that consistently abides by its own rules and pays its shoppers according to its public guidelines. It is duly accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has a BBB rating of “A+” for their excellence in customer service.

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How Does Mr. Rebates Work?

All you have to do is shop around. You would just need to visit stores through Mr. Rebates and make a purchase as you normally would. You will then earn a percentage of what you spend.

Mr. Rebates Homepage
Website screenshot by Author

Once you decide to use Mr Rebates, make sure that you check the fine print. There are some loopholes that you have to jump through to make sure you get paid. For example, you need to make sure that you log in through the Mr Rebates portal for each individual purchase or you might not receive credit for your purchases. Some products such as gift cards may also not be eligible for the cash back program of Mr Rebates. Usually, this kind of restriction is decided by the merchant themselves and are outside the control of Mr Rebates.

After that, Mr. Rebates will be simple since you just have to:

1. Look For Your Favorite Stores

Mr. Rebates offers its users cash back with more than 2,000 stores. We guarantee that you will be able to find at least one store that you frequently shop with on their list. The user will just need to visit the Mr. Rebates website and click the link to their favorite store. A new tab will then open, and you will be eligible for cash back on your purchase.

Some of the stores linked with Mr Rebates
Website screenshot by Author

2. Shop Normally

Feel free to visit as many pages of the website as you like and browse as them as you normally would. When you are ready, add items to your cart and complete the checkout process.

3. Earn Cash Back

The cash back credit of the users will show up on their Mr. Rebates account as pending within 3-5 business days. As long as the items are not returned, the cash back should be approved within a period of 30 days.

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Mr. Rebates work just like most of the cash back shopping portals available. It directly earns a commission from the merchant websites that they partner with. The firm earns when their users use their “affiliate link” to visit a shopping website such as Amazon to make a purchase. They then split this commission with the users, in the form of cash back which represents a percentage of their purchase.

How Do You Register With Mr Rebates?

Mr. Rebates does not restrict the access of the users based on their location.

The sign-up process is super simple and free of charge. The users will just be required to provide their name, address, and email address. After signing up, they will receive a $5 bonus after making their first purchase.

Mr Rebates registration page
Website screenshot by Author

The new user will also be asked whether someone referred them to use the site. New shoppers will have to wait 90 days to access their earned cash back.

How Do People Earn Money From Mr Rebates?

With Mr Rebates, the main way to make money with the site is through the cash back rebates system that they offer to their members. The rates of cash back users may receive differ from every store, some merchants offer as low as 0.5% cash back while others give clients as high as 20%.

Some stores are also offering dollars cash back instead of a percentage. Some merchants offer as low as $1, while others offer as high as $100.

The merchants pay a commission to Mr. Rebates every time a user purchases an item from the affiliate link. The website then shares a portion of the commission earned to the member who made the purchase.

Mr Rebates has a $10 minimum payment threshold. This means that you can withdraw only after earning $10 worth of cash back. It will be transferred to you either via check that the company will send to the address provided during the sign-up or via PayPal.

Important Points To Remember

It is important that the users read and understand the terms and conditions of Mr Rebates to check the qualifications needed for earning cash back from their purchases. The terms and conditions can be found here.

The users must also take note of the restrictions mentioned in the landing pages of the merchants. Mr Rebates says that it is the responsibility of the members to check what items are part of the cashback program.

The rebates won’t instantly appear on the member’s account after purchase. The users can expect a few days before their rebates will appear. Some merchants wait until the item has already been shipped to the customer before they include the transaction in their report, so there may be times where rebates will take longer to appear.

Referral Program

If a new member signs up from a qualifying referral link or makes use of the referrer’s email address as their direct referrer, that new member will become the user’s direct referral.

Mr Rebates registration page
Website screenshot by Author

The member will earn 20% of the cash back of each of their referrals for life. So if the users refer their friends to sign up for Mr Rebates, they will receive a bonus equal to 20% of the cash back that their friends earn every time they use Mr Rebates.

Take note that the program is for direct referral only. The members would not be receiving bonuses for their friend’s referral bonuses.


  1. People who use gift cards to make a purchase are not eligible for cash backs
  2. Users will not be eligible to receive cash back if they purchase a gift card
  3. There is a good chance that users will not be eligible to receive cash back if they click onto a different website to compare prices while shopping
  4. Users will not be eligible to receive cash back if they pre-order
  5. Only the first payment will be eligible for cash back if they buy something on a subscription
  6. Taxes and any additional fees and charges are not eligible for cash back
  7. Extended Warranties are also not eligible for cash back
  8. Purchasing things in bulk may void cash back
  9. Some orders outside of the United States and Canada will not pay cash back

You must also note that each company has a unique affiliate policy

Mr Rebates Website And App

Mr. Rebates Homepage
Website Screenshot by Author


The website of Mr Rebates is very simple and easy to navigate. On its homepage, it features the top deals of the week where the site’s visitors can see its partner stores and the amount of cash back that they can receive.

Weekly Deals as of August 16, 2018
Website Screenshot by Author

On the top part of the website, the visitors will see the Login In and Join options. Visitors may use these options to log into the site (if they are already a registered member of the website) or register with the site (for new users). After clicking one of the options, it will redirect you to a page where you can log in or signup.

Mr Rebates Login and Join Button
Website Screenshot by Author

On the upper left corner of the website, visitors will see the Store Option. A list of categories will appear when you hover your mouse pointer to the option. Clicking it will redirect you the page that alphabetically lists down all of the site’s partner merchants.

Mr Rebates Stores Option
Website Screenshot by Author

The website also has a Search option where you can directly enter the name of the store they are looking for.

Mr Rebates Search Option
Website Screenshot by Author

Mr Rebates App

Mr Rebates recently launched a mobile app which is available to download for both IOS and Android devices.

Mr Rebates App Promotion
Website Screenshot by Author

With the mobile app, you can shop using Mr Rebates even when you are on-the-go.

Pros and Cons

Mr. Rebates allows you to earn while shopping. However, using the site also has its pros and cons.

The website is simple and easy to navigateUsers can’t use coupons or deals they find outside of Mr. Rebates for their purchases.
Mr Rebates don’t restrict access based on the user's demographics so anyone can joinWith more than a thousand stores, it can be hard to know where to start.
Signing up is easy and free.It may take up to 90 days before pending rebates are credited into the accounts of the members
Users will only be required to provide their name, address, and email.Users can't purchase in bulk since it may void the cash back.
It allows people to maximize the money they can save RebatesCash back is not guaranteed for international orders
The minimum amount required for payout is only $10No announcement if a store already ended their affiliate program
No limit to how much rebates members can earn through purchasesThere are times when a listed store might be temporarily down for maintenance
No limit to how much members
earn through the referral bonus.
Rebates do not always post automatically so users may likely miss a cash back or two
After signing up, users will receive a $5 bonus after making their first purchaseCash back claims appeal may be denied by the merchant

Final Verdict

After considering everything, we can say that:

Mr Rebates is not a scam

The company delivers on its promise of giving cash back to its members who made purchases via the referral links on their website. Since the company has been in existence since 2002, its longevity is a great sign that the firm is not just a fly-by-night website aiming to scam people. In its 16 years of existence, not one person has experienced getting scammed by Mr Rebates.

Mr Rebates is a good way to earn money out of your purchases

Mr Rebates offers its users a great opportunity to avail of great deals for their purchases while also earning money from it. So if you are a person who loves online shopping, Mr Rebates is the right website for you to save on discounts, and earn on rebates.

You can give Mr Rebates a shot to see how it works for you. Head on to the comments section below if you have any questions, comments, and suggestions.

Sign up with Mr Rebates now and receive a $5 bonus on your first purchase!

You can check the Mr Rebates website here.

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