Dosh App: Is It Legit Or Is It Just Another Scam?

While most people will grab any chance of decreasing their credit card bills, the majority of shoppers prefer to use their credit cards to pay. We love shopping but dread paying for it. Some prefer credit cards because of the additional benefits and perks that come with it.

The Dosh App offers cash back whenever you shop. Cash backs seem too good to be true for most people. They may be wondering whether these things are legitimate or if these are just another scam that crooks use to fool other people. In this article, we will discuss whether the Dosh App is legit or not, how it works, and everything in between.

What Exactly Is The Dosh App?

Dosh is the latest cash back application to dominate the app stores for both iOS and Android. Unlike most other cash back apps available, people are not required to scan their receipts or exert any effort. They simply need to connect their credit card/s to Dosh, and they will receive cash back automatically whenever they make a qualifying purchase.

What is Dosh? Download the Dosh App from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store
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The Dosh Cash back App is a smartphone app that gives its users a cash back whenever they shop with their credit card/s at its participating stores. The users will receive cash backs whenever they shop online, shop in-store, and when they travel. The Dosh app aims to let its users earn money through cash back every time they make use of their credit cards for booking hotels, purchasing flight tickets, buying items, and so much more. It also gives its users the option to transfer the cash that they earned from the cash back to their PayPal accounts or their bank accounts.

Dosh was founded by Ryan Wuerch, the businessman who is also behind MLM Company Solavei. It was released in April last year. Interested users simply need to download the app in either the Google Play Store or the Apple Store and register. Downloading the app is free of charge, however, it is currently available only to the residents of the United States. The app also requires that the residents have a U.S.-based non-VoIP mobile phone number.

It is important to remember that the app is still in its public beta version, which means that the app is fully functional already but there may still be minor bugs.

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Who Can Use The Dosh App?

The Dosh app is intended for the residents of the United States of America who prefer using credit cards to pay for their hotel bookings, purchases, dining out, and more.

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The Dosh App aims to be able to have an impact on the lives of people financially. They aim to do just that by providing them with extra money in their bank account every time they make use of their credit cards. This feature allows its users to have extra cash they can use for more important things. They can even add their earned cash back to their savings and/or investments. The firm has established a partnership with thousands of popular stores and hotels that people often go to.

Aside from credit or debit card users, the app is used by various restaurants, hotels, and merchants. The Dosh app enables these merchants to offer various deals and promo offers to its consumers in the form of cash back. This is a good opportunity for businesses to entice more people to avail of their services or buy their products through the cash back system. It is also important to note that the merchants will be the one to set the cash back percentage that their clients will be receiving through the Dosh app.

How Does The Dosh App Work?

By using the Dosh App, people make money whenever they use the credit card/s that they linked to the app. Dosh app gives the cash back in the form of cash, not points, not credits, but actual cash.

Interested users would just need to download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, link their app, and they are all set. The firm will pay you $5 as a sign-up bonus for every credit card linked.

The first way where people are able to earn cash back is when they purchase items, either in-store or online. Dosh app has partnered with various stores companies to provide cash back from in-store purchases.

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1. Location

The Dosh app is able to scan various offers from stores near its users. It may be a fashion store, hotel, supermarket, or gas station. Users will have more chances of receiving cash back via the app if they are in bigger cities.

2. Notifications

The Dosh App will notify its users of deals near them, who is offering the deal, and the amount that they will be able to save.

What Are The Ways To Earn Cash Back From The Dosh App?

It is important that the users are aware of the stores that have already partnered with Dosh so that they can earn cash back from their purchases for using the linked credit card.

1. Linking your debit/credit card

The first and faster way to earn from the Dosh app is by simply linking a card to the app. This will automatically give the user $5.

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2. Shopping

The percentages of cash backs that users receive vary per store, they often range from 5 percent to 10 percent. Users can also earn cash backs when they purchase things or avail services online. The process is similar when the users opt for online shopping. The typical range of cash back percentages from online shopping is between 3 percent to 7 percent.

The Dosh app has both in-store and online offers for various retail stores. As an example, Bed Bath and Beyond and Fitbit offer a cashback of 7.5% and Sam’s Club offers a cashback of 2% for shopping online.

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Below are some examples of the participating stores and the percentage of cash back that they offer:

Participating StorePercentage of Cash Back
Yumi Kim7.5%
The Body Shop6%
Mother Denim7.5%

You can see the full list of online stores here.

3. Travel

Users are able to book hotels directly right within the Dosh app itself to receive cash back on all participating hotels. Currently, the app is offering a $25 cash back reward to users for booking their first hotel plus the cash back for the hotel stay on top of the bonus.  The app will enumerate the highest cash back offers starting from those that have the highest offers. The more expensive the hotel is, the more cash back you will receive. If the user travels a lot, then this is a really awesome way to easily earn and save money.

The users may earn cash back per room per night. It provides people with an excellent way to stay in a good hotel, while also being able to earn from it.

Dosh network has partnerships with a lot of hotels, not only in major cities but also in various small towns. Small town hotels pay cash back for a minimum of $10 to as high as $50 for every night booked.

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4. Restaurants

Users can also earn cash back on all participating restaurants. The percentage of cash back that they will receive varies depending on their location and as to how many offers are around them.

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How Do Users Receive The Money Earned From Dosh?

Dosh requires a minimum amount of $15 for cashing out. It will pay via PayPal or direct deposit. Once the users are able to reach the minimum required amount, they are eligible to request payment and they will receive the money within 2 to 3 business days.

It is important to remember that users will not be able to cash out more than $600 without submitting a 1099 form to the firm.

What Is The Dosh App Referral Program?

The Dosh app also offers a referral program that enables its members to earn extra money. The feature can be very lucrative once the users are able to convince their friends to join and use the app too.

Refer Your Friends To Use The Dosh App

In the Dosh app, users will see a menu item called “Refer”. Dosh provides a link where referrals are able to sign up. Members can manually copy the link and share it on their social media accounts (i.e, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), text, emails, or any other place where they can share the link to and invite their friends.

When the people they invite click their link, download Dosh, and link a card, Dosh enables its members to earn a referral bonus of $5 for each referral they are able to sign up – provided that they were able to complete their first purchase and cash back. Dosh offers special promos where the referral bonus goes as high as $8, $10, and $15.

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The potential of earning income from referrals are actually quite high. For example, a user has 100 friends and he sends the link to all of them. If 10 people sign up and link their card, the member will receive $50 or let's say 20 of them signed up, and the user will receive $100. Some people earn thousands through referrals alone.

Refer Businesses To The Dosh App

Another way to make free money from referring people to Dosh is when users refer a business to it. The user will receive 20% of the Dosh fees of the business for two years. For some, it can be a full-time income, depending on the size of the business they were able to refer.

In referring a business, the user must agree to specific terms and conditions, and then accomplish a form on the app.

Pros And Cons

The Dosh App is very easy to use.The Dosh App is only available to residents of the United States
The Dosh App rewards in cash, not in points or creditsLinking credit cards may be something to be concerned about
The required minimum payout is not that highThere are only a few partner merchants accepting in-store cash back
They have partnered with thousands of shops, firms, restaurants, and hotelsThe Dosh app does not work with all credit/debit cards and no prepaid cards.
The Dosh App allows users to reserve hotels directly within the app,Poor/Slow customer service
Its referral program lets its users earn $5 just for referring a friendUsers may receive cash back for online purchases after many days


Now that we have discussed how the Dosh app works, let us now talk about the things that we like most about the app.

1. The Dosh App is very easy to use

Users would just be required to download the app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play store, register with the app,  link the credit card that they want to use, and start shopping for items or services.

Unlike other apps that offer earning cash backs such as MobiSave, Ibotta, or EBates where you have to manually link an offer, scan a receipt, or mail the receipts somewhere, the users just need to link their credit card or debit card and use it to earn the cash backs. They don’t have to put a lot of effort to go through hundreds of instructions to receive cash back.

2. The Dosh App rewards in cash, not in points or credits

As much as we also appreciate receiving gift cards as a form of reward, nothing is better than receiving cash payments. Who does not want to earn money online while shopping?

3. The required minimum payout is not that high

Considering the amount of cash back that users may receive from their purchases, reaching the $15 minimum payout amount is not that difficult. This could be an excellent way to earn additional income every month.

4. They have partnered with thousands of shops, firms, restaurants, and hotels

There are tons of online offers available, including big names such as Target, Nike, and Walmart. So if the user loves shopping online, this would be a good way to cut down on some costs.

The Dosh Mobile App has also partnered with various stores, restaurants, and hotels so the users should have plenty of options especially when they are in a decent-sized city.

5. The Dosh App allows users to reserve hotels directly within the app

The Dosh App allows its users to directly book hotel reservations within the app. First-time users will receive a $25 bonus just for booking a hotel within the app. Users will get a cash back for the hotel stay on top of the bonus.

6. Its referral program lets its users earn $5 just for referring a friend

The referral program of the Dosh App allows its users to earn extra money for referring a friend using a referral link or a referral code. They can also refer business to use the app and they will 20% of the Dosh fees of the business for two years.


Of course, the Dosh App is not perfect. There are still some things that it can improve.

1. The Dosh App is only available to residents of the United States

Since it is only available to the resident of the United States of America, it limits the number of people that the users can refer to the program. Some users say that they need to be in a big city to receive offers.

2. Linking credit cards may be something to be concerned about

Linking credit cards or debit cards to apps or websites is always a security concern and people should be extra cautious about it. Since the Dosh App is relatively new, it is not easy to feel secure when they ask users to link their cards – even if its FAQs page claims that no information is stored.

3. There are only a few partner merchants accepting in-store cash back

Since there are only a few partner merchants that accept in-store cash back, it makes it harder for people to look for nearby stores in their area that are partnered with Dosh. So if the user lives in a small city, there probably won’t be many nearby offers available.

4. The Dosh app does not work with all credit/debit cards

Some users claim that the Dosh app does not work with some of their credit and/or debit cards. It also does not support prepaid cards.

5. Poor customer service

Some users claim that they were not able to receive rewards for their referral especially during the Dosh App's $15 referral promotion. Some users also complain of getting a 1099 error which automatically pops up once you have made more than $600.

Since Dosh is rising like crazy, they apparently receive a lot of support tickets, and it can be hard for them to get back to users in a timely manner. Generally, users may expect a response within several business days. Since this cash back app is experiencing a massive increase in popularity, it seems that they were not properly ready to handle the high volume of users.

6. Users may receive cash back for online purchases after many days

Some users claim that receiving cash back for online purchases can take up to 90 days.

Is The Dosh App Safe and Legit?

The Dosh app is legitimate. There seem to be no red flags that suggest that the Dosh app is not safe to use. There are no claims about losing money while using the app. The company behind Dosh assures its users that the security of the app is airtight and that no vital information is stored in the app. It is also easy to withdraw the money earned from the app.

However, users should remember that there could always be some kind of security breach. Large corporations such as Target have experienced the same issue.

Read the app's Privacy Policy here.

Final Verdict

We definitely recommend that you use the Dosh App. It's relatively easy to earn money with the app which actually what makes Dosh very popular.

The app is legitimate and safe and may actually be the best cash back available. There are risks so you should also be cautious when using the app because it is still relatively new. The risks are not that high, so why don't you give the app a try or check out dosh reviews? The potential to make money is just something you should not pass up.

Download and register with the Dosh App now to receive a $5 Sign-Up Bonus!

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