It’s Only a Few Bucks

ways to cut spending
How many times have you justified a purchase because it's only a few bucks?

Have you ever stopped to add up all the little things that you might be wasting money on?

If you're looking for ways to cut spending, it's simple…

Don't Waste Money on Starbuck's
Your morning caffeine fix at Starbuck's is only $3. That's $21 a week, $84 a month, $1008 a year. Don't you have something you'd rather have for $1000?

Make your own Starbucks! Try my copycat recipe for Skinny Iced Latte…no coffee pot required!

Don't Waste Money on an Afternoon Snack
It's 4:00, your stomach is growling and the drive-thru is calling your name! It's just $3 for smoothie…oops, there goes another $1008 dollars this year!

Keep a stash of snacks in your desk drawer or in the car to curb your appetite and the temptation to do the drive-thru.

Don't Waste Money on Bottled Water
Week after week you lug home a case of bottled water. It's only $4, but remember that's $16 a month and $192 a year.

It's a two part solution – Add a water filter to your tap and buy reusable bottles to take to school, sports, work or in the car.

Don't Waste Money on Apps
Your friend told you about a great new app, so you quickly downloaded it for $3. Beware of apps, games and ringtones that cost money.

Take a moment to search for a free app instead.

Don't Waste Money Shopping
You had good intentions when you saved that coupon for $2 off dog food, but oops you forgot it!

Get in the habit of planning your shopping trips and gathering coupons before you head out the door or try keeping coupons in your car!

Don't Waste Money on Fees
Late fees, overdraft fees…not again!

Get organized, balance your checkbook and pay your bills on time! There's no excuse for paying these fees.

Don't Waste Money on Added Services
The salesperson talked you into call waiting because it's only $3 extra each month, but you never use it.

Take the time to really look at your bills and make sure you need all the services you're paying for.

Don't Waste Money on Rental Car Insurance
How many times do you opt for rental car insurance because it's not that much? If it's just $8 extra per day, and you're renting the car for a week that's $56.

Call your insurance company to see if your policy covers rental cars, chances are it does.

It might only be a few bucks, but it all adds up!


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11 years ago

You say not to get the car insurance provided by rental car company’s I SUGGEST you do the math madam.
If you the rental car company is providing insurance for $8 dollars a day (waiving you from any liability) and you’re renting the car for a week. So that’s $56…….
HAIL DAMAGE TO VEHICLE- Rental car company has their people buff out dents at on your dime THIS COST YOU OVER $2,000…..but wait your were smart you got car rental insurance thru your provider at $10 a month that’s $120 a year….. then you had to pay your deductible for the $2,000 damages which is $200. SOOOOO
Instead of paying $56 and hoping nothing happens.
I paid $320 because the place I dropped the car off at had hail the day before!!!!!!

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