How to Make Flower Crown – Be a Princess for Any Occasion

Be a princess with this pretty DIY flower crown. It will surely make a statement!

Flower crowns definitely make a statement wherever you go and for so many different occasions. They are simple but provides the elegant look that is simply head-turning. You can make your own floral crown from the things you buy from a local store and way cheaper than those you buy if they are already pre-made.  Your girl will think you are the best parent ever with this simple and fun craft.

You only need:

  • Floral wire
  • Floral tape
  • Fake Flowers
  • Glue Gun

First, get the floral wire. Take a long piece and fold it in half. Ensure it fits perfectly with your head. Use wire to cut it from the bundle.

diy flower crown
Step 1:Measure the length of the floral wire around your head.

Next, wrap it with floral tape. The wire must be entirely covered with tape. The tape will make the wire look softer and more like a stem. Do this twice.

diy flower crown
Step 2:Wrap floral tape around the wire twice.

If done, wrap the two wires together to obtain a vine-like design. If there is excess wire, just wrap it around instead of cutting it. It will also keep the crown tightly together. Then, wrap that part again with floral tape. This is to secure the wire and for the crown to maintain its shape.

diy flower crown
Step 3:Wrap the wire together to look like a vine.

After that, get the fake flowers. Select the flowers that look beautiful together, they must compliment each other. Place the chosen flowers on the crown. This will create a pattern which you will follow when you start to glue them on the wire. If satisfied with the arrangement, get the glue gun and start securing the flowers. Keep the flowers facing outwards so when put it in your head, the wire and glue are not visible.

diy flower crown
Step 4:Glue the flowers into the vine-like wire.

You can also add some fake leaves and small flowers for a more enchanting look.

diy flower crown
Step 5:Finally, add small flowers and leaves.

Watch How it is Done

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