DIY Nail Polish: Paint your Nails Frugally and Beautifully

Create your own nail polish with these easy, simple steps. Obtain your desired color with ease.

Nail polish is ladies' best friend. Painting nails is such a trend these days that you can find wide range of nail polishes in boutiques. Sometimes, you tend to choose the color of the nail polish so it could match the dress for a special occasion. If you find difficulty in finding the right shade for you, then you don't have to visit every local store in town because you can make your own nail polish. Very creative and cool.

What you will need:

  1. Clear top coat
  2. 2 or more colors of eye shadow (powder version)
  3. Stick
  4. Plastic Nails
  5. Small glass bowl

Grab a bottle of clear top coat. You can also use left over top coat you have been keeping. If you want to achieve a unique new color, you can use light color such as light pink or blue. However, the clear one is still the best choice. So first, pour the top coat into the glass bowl.

diy nail polish
Step 1:Pour a bottle of top coat into a glass bowl.

Next, lay some paper towel  on your working area as it may get messy later. If done, we will now mix the eye shadow. In this tutorial, pink and blue eye shadows are used to produce a purple shade. Keep in mind you can choose whatever color you want depending on what you want to achieve. Get a spatula or small spoon to scoop a small amount of powdery eye shadow and put it into the bowl. Grab the second color and do the same.

diy nail polish
Step 2:Put a small amount of eye shadow power into the bowl.

Get a stick to stir the eye shadow and top coat well. Mix until the the shade of purple is obtained. Make sure the powder is dissolved properly.

diy nail polish
Step 3:Using a stick, stir the mixture.

To test if you have achieved the desired color, grab the plastic nails and nail polish brush and start brushing. If the color is pale, dump more eye shadow powder into the mixture. Mix, try, mix and try.

diy nail polish
Step 4:Test the shade of the new polish on plastic nails.

If you are satisfied with the shade, get the bottle of the top coat and pour back the new nail polish. You can use a funnel so the nail polish won't spill. Then, give the bottle a quick shake. And voila! You have a brand new nail polish in just a few minutes without spending much.

diy nail polish
Step 5:Pour back the new nail polish into the empty top coat bottle.

Watch How it is Done

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