How to Avoid Stress and Expense When Moving

stress free moving tips

It has been said that moving is one of life’s most stressful events and is up there with divorce and losing one’s job.

Even though most of us move by choice, the process of saying goodbye to your home and opening your heart and finances to another is a process that can either be bearable or incredibly stressful as well as being expensive.

Here are the top three tips to ensure that your move is as stress-free as possible.

1. Be Prepared

It’s very easy to look around your house and underestimate the amount of stuff you have. Everyone’s made the mistake of thinking that a few well-chosen black bags will suffice; well, not quite! To move in a calm and stress-free manner you need to make sure that you have a moving van booked at least two weeks prior, and make sure you have your packing boxes sorted and labeled. There are a lot of good packaging companies around who will sell moving house packs that cater to these needs.

Your movers will need to know:

· How many journeys they are likely to have to make.
· Where your new house is – clear and detailed directions will be very useful.
· Timing – when they should arrive etc.
· Which – if any – bits of furniture will be difficult to get up or down stairs.

2. Keep a Checklist

These work really well, even if you think you have all of the information in your head. Stress does funny things to people and can make you forget the essentials.

3. Transfer Your Bills and Address Details

It’s a headache but you need to make sure institutions like your bank have your new address and know the date you will be moving in.

You need to also transfer your billing for the following services:
· Water
· Energy – gas and electric
· Tax
· TV

Also, make sure you have set up a new standing order/direct debit for your rent if applicable and that you have cancelled the old one.


written by: Monique Rowe


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