Host a Festive and Frugal Fourth of July Party

A patriotic party on a budget? Why not?

Festive and frugal parties are The Budget Diet Girl's specialty, and I've put together my fav ideas for your frugal Fourth of July Party. P.S. – I promise you'll spend less than $50!


frugal Fourth of July Party Printable Invitations
Fourth of July Party Printable Invitations

Option #1: Free Printables! Click on the image above, and you'll be given instructions to download and print these festive party invitations. There are coordinating menu place cards, water bottle labels, a banner and cupcake toppers that you print at home. Oh…did I mention that it's all FREE!

Option #2: Go with a simple Evite. They're free, sent via email and your guests are reminded to rsvp!


Option #1: Remember those free printables?

Option #2: DIY! Let your kids help you make these festive and frugal fourth of July decorations:

diy fourth of july party decorations
recycled aluminum cans covered with scrapbook paper make great utensil holders


diy fourth of july decorations
color rice, fill a recycled glass jar and add a tea light


frugal fourth of july party decorations
the humble paper chain can be made with scrapbook paper or click on this image for the free printable

Option #3: If DIY is not your thing, then I suggest dollar store decor.

Option #4: “Shop” your house. Walk around and gather anything that's red, white & blue.


Fire up the grill and go for the all-American hot dog! Ask your guests to bring their own beverages, chairs, and a side dish to share – ta-da…you have a party without spending a fortune on food.

You've just got to make my Patriotic White Chocolate Crunch. It's a super simple snack mix made with Chex, pretzels, peanuts, white chocolate and red/blue M&M's. Click here for the recipe, and be warned…you can't stop eating this stuff!

July 4th weekend is a great opportunity to meet with friends and enjoy a party or barbecue. Here are three great ways to have your party without breaking the bank.

1. Use Serving Dishes and Pitchers Rather Than Factory Packaging

Serving snacks and drinks on dishes and in pitchers rather than in their original packaging does more than just make your party look better. It also gives you the opportunity to buy generic chips and drinks without looking cheap. Very few of your guests are likely to notice the difference in brand without the packaging visible. This is especially true for soda, which on average is half the price per liter when bought generic.

2. Serve Home Baked Treats

Making small cookies and other baked goods is a terrific alternative to expensive catering foods. Many households already have everything they need to bake basic things like rolls or cakes, so it may even save you a trip to the grocery store. It may be a significant time investment depending on the size of your party, but if things are tight it may be worth the extra effort.

3. Rather Than Shouldering The Cost of Food Alone, Have a Potluck

The most expensive part of most parties is the food. Depending on the size of your party it could cost hundreds of dollars to make sure everyone is fed. Rather than having something like a barbecue and taking on that burden alone, why not throw a potluck? A potluck dinner style party is a great way to avoid the high cost of food and also offer a varied menu of different cultural dishes.


If you can see the fireworks from your home, you've got built-in entertainment.

Before the fireworks, put out an assortment of yard games like horseshoes, corn hole, volleyball, and a slip-n-slide.

Don't forget how much fun running through the sprinkler can be!

How about a watermelon seed-spitting contest or a water balloon toss? Pick up the prizes at the dollar store.

Please leave a comment to share your favorite festive and frugal Fourth of July Party ideas.

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