5 Often Forgotten Items in Your Home that Need Special Care


When your life is busy with kids, priorities change. Maybe you want to keep a beautiful backyard or a spotless house, but it’s not quite as simple as it used to be. It can be easy at times to let home maintenance projects slide so that you can give more time to your family and more time to yourself. There are, however, several often forgotten items in the home that need special care from time to time. Most of these tasks do not take much time at all and will save you money and hassle in the future.

Water Heater


Photo Source: Ahs.com

If you want to have nice showers and clean clothes, your water heater is important. Flushing your hot water heater on occasion will keep the sediment and rust out of your water and will make sure it is running efficiently. Most water heaters have a drain plug to be used for this purpose. Make sure to turn off the water heater a day in advance so you don’t scald yourself, and remember that it will take a few hours after flushing for the water to heat up again.

Garbage Disposal


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The garbage disposal is a helpful tool for efficient kitchen cleanup, but it’s not fun when it starts to stink. Deep clean your garbage disposal yearly by pouring down one cup of ice cubes, one cup of salt, running the water, and turning on the disposal. You can also use vinegar ice cubes in the same way to eliminate nasty odors and keep everything running properly.

Garage Door Springs and Rollers


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Nobody likes a squeaky garage door. You can avoid this and unnecessary early deterioration by lubricating the door hinges, springs and rollers on a yearly basis. Adding lubricating oil will extend the life of your garage door and as a bonus, will keep it squeak free.

Your Wedding Ring


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Your wedding wing is precious, but we oftentimes don’t even think about the maintenance needed to make sure it lasts a lifetime. This special care is especially important for antique wedding rings. Basic wedding ring care includes using a soft brush or cloth to remove debris, cleaning with the correct solution for your type of ring, and polishing.

Refrigerator Condenser Coils


Photo Source: Hunker.com

Refrigerator condenser coils, found at the back or base of your fridge, will become clogged with dust and debris over time. If this is ignored for an extended period of time, your electric bill will increase and your fridge won’t last as long. Simply remove the covering and vacuum out the coils to keep everything clean and tidy.

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