Florida on a Budget

florida on a budget
Florida is one of the greatest destination spots when you are planning a vacation. The sunny weather and many amusement parks make it appealing to people of all ages. There are several things you can do to save money on your travel costs and to make it so you truly enjoy your vacation.

Vacation in Florida on a Budget


Try the Off Season

One of the easiest ways to save money on travel in Florida is to visit during the off season. The parks offer discounted tickets, resort stays and deals on the food. You may be able to rent a beach house for a lot less if you stay during the off season as well. The Disney Resort package deals are the best during the off season, and it is definitely worth considering if you are planning a trip to Florida in the future. Disney has slower seasons where they lower the hotel rates and offer good deals with their inclusive packages such as free food. The slow seasons are mid September to mid October, the first two weeks of December and January through February.

Save on Hotels

You can save on hotels by employing several different strategies. One option is to skip going to a hotel all together. If you are going with a large group, you should look into renting a vacation house instead of staying at a hotel. This allows you to save on more than just your hotel costs, since you can cook and save money on food. Another option is to look into campgrounds or using your R.V. to travel to Florida. You can often save money by staying in a hotel that is not directly associated with a major resort or amusement park. Look for hotels that have refrigerators in them so you can store food for the evenings or pack your lunch for the day.

Save on Food

Disney World often offers a free food option when you travel during the off season. You can also get a discount on food during the busiest days if you go online and register for a coupon. To qualify for the discount you will eat at odd times such as 10:30 and 2:30. You can save up to thirty percent on food, and you avoid the horrible crowds at lunchtime. Some parks will let you pay for your food in advance at discounted rate. Another option is to pack your snacks and drinks with you. You can rent a locker to put these items in if you do not want to carry them with you all day. Eat right before you come and plan on having only one meal in the park and eating the snacks you packed instead. Cook in your rental house or condo and save money on as many meals as possible. Before you go figure out where the nearest grocery store is, so that you can plan on a trip before dinnertime rolls around on your first day.

Save at the Parks

The best way to save at the parks is to buy your tickets, parking and nearly anything else you can online, before you go to the park. You may also be able to find good deals through a travel agent. Also look at the expiration dates on your tickets. Some of the multi-day passes with park options do not expire for several years, and offer significantly lower per day rates. If you know you will be planning a second trip in a few years, you may want to consider this option. Additionally you can get discounted tickets if you are in the military or retired from the military. These discounts are some of the best available.

Other Florida Travel Destinations

Many families focus on Orlando and Tampa when planning vacations, while college students may be more focused on Ft. Lauderdale and Miami. Take the time to explore all of the beach towns and destination spots to find the best deals. All of the beaches are beautiful and you may be able to save on rental costs if you find one that is not currently considered a vacation hotspot.


written by: Lisa Shoreland


Image(s): FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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