See the world on a budget! – Top 10 International Budget Friendly Vacation Destinations

Traveling all over the world is exciting and fun and can definitely be done on any budget. You could be jet-setting with family and friends in no time if you book wisely. Travel at off-peak times, outside school vacation times, and head to countries with great currency conversion rates to really maximise your budget. Choose all inclusive deals if you’re a large family or group to save on food and drink costs. Flights to Europe and Asia are becoming cheaper every year which means you can explore some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, see historical and natural sights and learn about interesting cultures without breaking the bank. Seeing the world on a budget is easier than ever!

  1. Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt – There are fantastic hotel deals available for this leading resort in Egypt. Fantastic 5 star luxury hotel deals from as low as $22 per person per night! Not only are the conversion rates great for US dollars to Egypt pounds and lots to see and do including river cruises, scuba diving, camel trekking and pyramid sightseeing, Egypt is a fantastic place for American couples and families to explore.
  2. Sousse in Tunisia – If you really want to make the most of your dollars why not travel to Sousse for a vacation packed with history, culture and great food. Don’t forget to take a day trip over to Carthage to explore the 12th century ruins and history of Punic and Roman Tunisia.
  3. Agadir in Morocco -Explore a fantastic new culture in Agadir in North West Africa! Hotels start from as little as $5 per night and with a 9km long beach, the Atlas Mountains nearby and bustling local markets, there’s something for everyone.
  4. Luxor in Egypt – Hotel prices range from just $9 per night for budget hotels, to less than $100 per night for 5 star accommodation. Luxor is rich in ancient history dated back to the 11th Dynasty of ancient Egypt which is over 2,000 years BC. The Valley of the Kings including the famous Tutankhamen pharaoh tomb is a must see attraction.
  5. Marmaris in Turkey -Marmaris is a fantastic Turkish resort destination where the conversion rate is $1 to 1.5 Turkish Lira so you can paraglide, surf, sightsee and eat out without worrying about overspending and Marmaris hotel prices start from just $5 per night.
  6. Port El Kantaoui in Tunisia -With 1 US dollar to 1.9 Tunisian dollars, you can practically double your vacation budget in Port El Kantaoui which is a beautiful purpose built marina on the backdrop of a traditional Tunisian village. Perfect for a budget vacation with a difference.
  7. Cairo in Egypt – Cairo is an exciting city break destination or part of two destination vacation with its great transport links all over Egypt. Why not try some traditional Egyptian cuisine or join a camel trek through the desert.
  8. Sofia in Bulgaria – Sofia is an up-and-coming European vacation destination which is great for Americans because there’s 15 Bulgarian Lev for every $10! Maximise your budget in Sofia whilst visiting historical monuments and sites, discovering Bulgarian history, culture and tasting Bulgarian cuisine.
  9. Split in Croatia – Croatia boasts beautiful scenery and Split originating as a 6th century BC Greek colony has plenty of history and culture to explore and the great news is that it’s very inexpensive! You can stay in Split for as little as $130 per week and it’s a great spot for exploring the islands and villages on the coast.
  10. Chiang Mai in Thailand – Thailand is world famous for exciting, culture-packed, activity-filled vacations and the best thing about it is that it’s really, really cheap! Chiang Mai is less crowded than Bangkok and is an ideal place to experience true Thai culture and hotel rooms start from as little as $55 a week!

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Amal Holtzen
13 years ago

The beautiful country of Nepal has some of the best hiking trails and trekking in the world.

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