Enough Coupon Savings for a Trip to Hawaii!

Thanks to Lina from British Columbia for this fun grocery shopping tip! Try it and you'll find out just how much you're saving at the grocery store!


Have you ever wondered how much you really save with coupons?

Thanks to a free application, you can now enter your coupon savings (the store, amount saved, and date are entered). You can generate a report from your coupon savings and post it to your Facebook wall or blog. I am an avid coupon user, but I was surprised that in less then 3 months I managed a savings of over $667.60 using coupons. Enough savings for a recent trip to Hawaii!

The application has turned in a competition between my husband and I to see how much we can save using coupons this year. US and Canadian stores are built in, but any
store is available to be entered.

The free application is available at GroceryAlerts.ca

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Lina Zussino
13 years ago

Thanks for publishing the information about the coupon tracker.

We are so proud of the app – we love to see how much money we have saved.

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