DIY Mason Jar Lantern: A Perfect Craft for Kids

Light up the autumn nights with DIY Fall Leaf Mason Jar Lantern. Its dainty glow is one of a kind.

Celebrate the magnificent autumn colors with this super easy DIY project. Bring the fall hues indoors and light up the night with this charming lantern. With dry and pressed fallen leaves and mason jar, you can make something extraordinary that you can place in your home or a gift to a friend or someone special. This is super fun, you can ask kids to help you out.

What you need:

  1. Mason jar
  2. Fall leaves
  3. Mod podge
  4. Yarn or String (optional)
  5. Tealights
  6. Sponge brushes

First, remove the dirt and stems from the leaves so you can easily stick them on the jar.

Apply mod podge on the jar and on the leaves and stick them on the jar. It may sound easy to do, but honestly, it takes a lot of patience and a lot of mod podge to do this.

diy fall leaf mason jar lantern
Step 1:Apply tons of mod podge on the jar, then stick the leaves.

Continue adding more leaves and applying mod podge on the jar and on the leaves. You may get messy with the mod podge but it is alright as it will dry clear. Make sure to apply mod podge on everything once you are happy with the position of your leaves. Let it dry.

diy fall leaf mason jar lantern
Step 2:Work around the jar repeating the first step.

This is optional. Get the yarn or string and wrap it around the neck of the jar and tie both ends to make a bow.

diy fall leaf mason jar lantern
Step 3:Tie a string around the neck of the jar and tie it to make a bow.

Do this with other jars. Then, place the tealights and illuminate them. A good-looking fall leaf mason jar lantern to light up the outdoors.

diy fall leaf mason jar lantern
Step 4:Place the tealights and light it up.

Watch How it is Done

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