30 Creative and Fun Halloween Pet Costumes

Get inspired with these beautiful and crafty DIY halloween pet costumes. Your pet will surely love wearing one of these and be with you this Halloween. Make your pet the star!

Is your costume ready for Halloween? But how about your furry pal? Help your pet best friend find the perfect costume. You will not only impress family and friends, but you will be saving a lot by making your own. It would be unfair if you get all the fun while your pet wait for you at home until you come back from a party. Pick one of these amazing DIY Halloween pet costumes and bring along your furry pal . May you have a one-of-a-kind Halloween this year with your pet!

1. Pinata Costume

pinata dog costume

Bring a festive mood to Halloween with this colorful dog costume. Click here for instructions.

2. Fairy Costume

fairy costume dog

An adorable fairy dog/cat costume that you can make from inexpensive materials. No need for sewing. Click here for instructions.

3. Rastafarian Wig and Hat

Rastafarian Wig and Hat

A groovy costume perfect for your pet dog/cat. Quick, easy and inexpensive to make. Click here for instructions.

4. Clown Costume

dog clown

Fun, crafty and artistic. A DIY project you can easily stitch up for Halloween. Click here for details.

5. Bat Costume

cat bat

Bat wings for your cat/dog made from pipe cleaners. Comfortable, light and amazing. Click here for instructions.

6. Lion Mane Costume

dog lion

Dress up your fearless and mighty pet best friend with an easy-to-make lion mane costume. Click here for instructions.

7. Dragon Costume

dragon dog

Let your dog roar “Halloween” with this super easy DIY dragon costume. Click here for details.

8. Harry Potter Costume

harry potter dog

Transform your pal into everybody's favorite wizard, Harry Potter, with this amazing DIY costume. Click here for details.

9. Wonder Woman Costume

super woman dog

Make your pal a superhero pet with this DIY costume and do wonder. Click here for instructions.

10. Flower Costume

flower dog

You only need basic sewing skills to create this beautiful flower costume. Click here for instructions.

11. Superman Costume

dog superman

Another superhero costume for your very reliable furry pal. Click here for details.

12. Bee Costume

bee dog

This yellow and black costume will surely make your pet stand out this Halloween. Click here for instructions.

13. Police Costume

cop dog

An easy-to-make K-9 costume for your adorable canine. Click here for details.

14. Pumpkin Costume

dog pumpkin

Create a good-looking pumpkin costume for your pet just using two shirts. Click here for the steps.

15. Star Wars Costume

star wars dogs

A Star Wars avid fan? Dress up your pet like your favorite Star Wars characters. Click here for details.

16. Candy Crush Costume

candy crush dog

A bit of weird but a fun costume you can easily make for your dog. Click here for steps.

17. Poncho Costume

poncho dog

Add a cowboy vibe to Halloween with this festive DIY costume. Click here for instructions.

18. Pirate Costume

pirate dog

Dress your dog/cat like Jack Sparrow and conquer the seas… I mean the Halloween party. Click here for instructions.

19. Bloody Bandana Costume

bloody dog bandana

A simple yet bone-chilling costume you can make your pet wear. Click here for instructions.

20. Tutu Costume

dog tutu

Not only girls can wear an adorable tutu, pet also can. Click here for details.

21. Hula Dancer Costume

hula dancer costume

A colorful and super easy DIY pet costume to add a carnival ambiance to Halloween. Click here for instructions.

22. Batman Costume

batman dog

Dress your pet like the Gotham City's knight, Batman. A super adorable costume you can make in no time. Click here for instructions.

23. Cupcake Costume

cupcake dog

A delicious and mesmerizing cupcake costume for your best friend. Click here on how to create one.

24. Lightning Bug Dog Costume

bug light dog

A pretty bug dog costume to light up the Halloween party. Click here for instructions.

25. Hostess Cupcake Costumehostess cupcake costume


Another delicious costume for your furry pal. A chocolatey DIY project that you can easily make. Click here for the steps.

26. Captain America Costume

captain america costume

Make your Halloween double fun with this Catvenger costume. Make your pal the star! Click here for instructions.

27. Mad Hatter Costume

mad hatter dog

A DIY Mad Hatter costume to make your pet super cute and happy. Click here for instructions.

28. Skeleton Costume

skeleton dog

A terrifying costume you can make without hassle of painting your pal's hair. Click here for instructions.

29. Witch Costume

witch dog

Let your pet cast spells on your neighbors this Halloween with this crafty witch costume. Click here for details.

30. Business Man Costume

business man dog

Recycle old shirts and tie and make a business-like costume for your pal. Click here for instructions.

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Aimee @ Irresistible Pets
8 years ago

Thanks for sharing our costumes. This is a great list!

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