Car Games For Road Trips

Keep your family entertained with car games on your next road trip…no DVD required!

We just returned from vacation (an 18 hour drive each way), and the license plate game has now been declared our favorite car game!

It's a simple game of writing down the license plates you see & hoping to find all 50 before the end of the trip! Spice it up a little bit by adding little contests along the way like…

  • Guess how many license plates we'll have by lunchtime…the winner picks the restaurant.

  • Guess how many license plates we'll have by dinnertime…the winner picks the restaurant.

  • Guess how many license plates we'll have by a certain time…the winner controls the radio for 2 hours.

  • Guess how many license plates we'll have by the next stop…the winner chooses their seat in the car (hooray…no more middle seat!)

At the end of the trip, my son said, “I think I know what we'll be playing every time we take a road trip.” Yes…the license plate game has been declared a new family tradition! By the way…we found 35 license plates!

If you need other car games for road trips, consider these…

  • The Alphabet Game…the first person says a word, the second person says a word that begins with the last letter of the previous word and so on. For example, I say “tomato,” and you say “ostrich,” I say “happy,” and you can't think of a word! I win, you lose! If you have more than 2 players, simply eliminate a player when they can't think of a word or if they use a word that's already been used.

  • Scavenger Hunt…before the trip, make a list of items that you hope to see on the road trip. This game can be played exactly like the license plate game. Suggested items: A bale of hay, a port-a-potty, an antique car, an airplane, a train, a horse, a cow, a broken down car, a police car, an ambulance, billboard in a foreign language, person talking on a cell phone, dirt road, tractor, barn, airport runway, church.

  • Guess How Many…everybody guesses a car color. Then count the next 10 cars that pass you. The person that guessed the color of car #10 wins!

    Please click on the title of this article to let me know your favorite car games for road trips!

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