Birthday Gift Ideas For Children

birthday gift ideas
If you're a mom with toddler or elementary school age children…weekends mean birthday parties & birthday parties mean gifts!

Save time & money on birthday gifts by creating a gift closet! No more last minute running around trying to find a gift and paying way too much. Here's how to get your gift closet started…

  1. Set aside a couple of shelves to put gifts on.
  2. Stock these shelves with bargain gifts or one-of-a-kind gifts & don't forget about them!


Now…where do you find these bargain gifts to fill the gift closet?

  • Take advantage of BIG sales & stock up! You'll stretch your dollar farther if you check The Budget Diet's coupon page because you'll likely find printable coupons for toys and games. Think about it, if board games are on sale for $8 at Walmart, and you find a printable coupon for $2 off…cha ching!
  • If you enjoy local bazaars & craft shows…look for vendors with handmade children's toys. The advantage: great prices + one-of-a-kind gifts! There's nothing worse that giving a gift that the child already has!
  • Don't forget that T.J. Maxx, Marshall's & Ross have toy departments, and you don't have to wait for a sale!


Does The Budget Diet girl have any favorite birthday gifts that she stocks her gift closet with? Of course!

  • Aprons with a “coupon” in the pocket for the birthday child to come over & bake cookies! Children love gifts with activities!
  • Children's Cookbook with a “coupon” to come over & bake cookies!
  • Homemade Marshmallow Shooter…good old-fashioned fun!
  • Craft Kits with a “coupon” for the birthday child to come over a make the craft. Ideas: knit a scarf, make a mosaic tile, create jewelry, make a scrapbook & more! Don't forget about the 40% off Michael's coupons that are in most Sunday newspapers.


Please leave a comment to share your favorite bargain birthday gift.


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