20 Fun Things To Do Instead of Shopping

When the weekend rolls around, how do you spend your free time? Choose the one answer that describes how you spend the majority of your free time.

A. reading
B. watching TV
C. shopping
D. relaxing
E. outdoor activities
F. crafting
G. cooking
H. partying

If you answered “shopping”, and you're trying to cut your spending, it's time try 20 fun things to do instead of shopping. P.S. – Let this be your new motto: collect moments…not things.

1. Invite a friend over for coffee – It's easy, cheap and a great way to catch up face to face.

2. Call a friend and catch-up – Social media is great for keeping up with friends, but don't dismiss the power of a phone call.

3. Play a board game with your family – Our family favorites are Pictionary, Yahtzee and Who Knew.

4. Sign-up for free samples – Ahhh, the joy of finding free samples in your mailbox!

5. Go to the library – The frugal alternative to going to a bookstore.

6. Read a book on your porch – Doesn't this sound relaxing?

7. Shop your closet and put together a “new” outfit – Get out of your wardrobe rut and be creative. It's like playing dress-up for grown-ups. Don't forget about your accessories…belts, scarves and jewelry!

8. Go to the park – Perfect for a beautiful day..

9. Bake something yummy – And invite a neighbor over for dessert.

10. Pick flowers – Grab a vase and brighten a room.

11. Take a walk – Fresh air never hurt anybody.

12. Watch a movie – Look for a free movie on TV or check out a DVD from your local library.

13. Go on a bike ride – Find a bike trail, explore your neighborhood or bike to your library.

14. Rearrange your furniture – Just like when you were little and rearranged your bedroom!

15. Find a free event in your city – Do a simple internet search for “free events in _________. The results may surprise you.

16. Go to the beach – Collect seashells, put them in a large vase or jar for a little frugal decor.

17. Have a spa day at home – Try these simple recipes for homemade spa treatments using ingredients you likely have in your kitchen.

18. Enjoy a picnic – Keep it frugal by using food you already have.

19. Go for a hike – If you have a state or national park nearby, hit the nature trail.

20. Make something – Get crafty and use up supplies you already have. One of my favorite rainy day crafts is decoupage…I've decoupaged a wall of postcards, and I've spent weeks clipping phrases from magazines to made a decoupaged clipboard.

If you really must shop, limit yourself to using gift cards you already have OR limit yourself to thrift stores only.

Please leave a comment to share your favorite things to do instead of shopping.

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