to do list for april

Your FREE Personal Organizer for April

Did you know that planning ahead is an essential money saving tool? Planning ahead allows you to save time and money (and your sanity)!The Budget Diet girl (a.k.a. your free personal organizer) is here again with a checklist to help you plan ahead for April.Personal Organizer for April   Check Your Calendar Check your calendar and start planning ahead for any big events this month … [Read more...]

how to get rid of your storage unit

Make Money – How to Get Rid of Your Storage Unit

To store or not to store...that is the question.Storage units make sense for short-term situations, but if you're using your storage unit to stash unwanted stuff...I have a must-read story that will make any frugal girl cringe!   Storage Unit Saga Note: Grab a tissue, it's a sad, sad story.My sister-in-law, who shall remain nameless, put all her furniture in storage after they sold … [Read more...]

downsize your life

Downsize Your LIFE!

My parents are in their downsizing phase of life...ready to move from a 5000 square foot home to a 2000 square foot townhouse.Less house = less work = a simpler life.Of course, there's more to downsizing than just buying a smaller house. Cutting square footage by more than half requires a serious paring down of belongings. As my mom goes through boxes in the basement, I receive emails … [Read more...]

March shopping calendar

Your FREE Personal Organizer for March

The Budget Diet girl (a.k.a. your free personal organizer) is here again with your checklist for March.Check Your Calendar Check your calendar and plan ahead for any big events this month like birthdays, anniversaries or weddings. If your weekend social calendar revolves around children's birthday parties, this might be a great month to start a gift closet! Learn how to start a gift closet, … [Read more...]

best items to buy in february

Your FREE Personal Organizer for February

Here I am (again)...your FREE personal organizer with your checklist for February!Checklist for February   Check you calendar! Any birthday gifts or birthday cards you need to send? How about anniversaries? Plan ahead for all those special events by putting together a Greeting Card Organizer!Super Bowl Party? What are you serving or what are you taking to your Super Bowl Party? … [Read more...]

cancel day

Today is National Cancel Day

Actually, The Budget Diet girl made up National Cancel Day, but it is a great idea.This is the day you're going to cancel memberships, subscriptions and services you don't use, AND return or exchange items in your closets that still have tags.The end result will be money in your pocket!Let's get National Cancel Day started!Here are a few suggestions to get you in the canceling … [Read more...]

january to do list

Your Free Personal Organizer – January

Here's to an frugal and organized 2015!Your FREE personal organizer (that’s me!) is here to help you get off to an organized start in 2015! If your new year's resolution has anything to do with saving money or getting organized, The Budget Diet girl is here to help! Get started with this January to-do list.Save Money!A new year is the perfect time to take a look at your financial … [Read more...]

free personal organizer

Your FREE Personal Organizer – December

Get Organized for Christmas!Your FREE personal organizer (that's me!) is here to help you stay sane and manage your to-do list for the festive month of December!Christmas Gifts: If you didn't check everybody off your list during the Black Friday madness, don't worry! The Budget Diet girl plans to keep you updated with the best deals throughout the Christmas season. You might also want … [Read more...]