How To Save Money On Vacation

how to save money on vacation

Everyone loves a vacation right?

And wouldn’t you love to be able to go on more of them?

I’m sure you would.

It’s just a shame they are so expensive… but wait, why do they have to be so expensive?

Let’s see how you can save money on vacation.

Travel Light

Airline baggage fees can really add up, so pack only a carry-on bag. This also saves you time at the airport!


Look out for freebies, such as samples of sunscreen and travel size toilietries that are perfect for your carry-on bag. There will almost certainly be a freebie online somewhere, so before you go shopping, see if you can’t get them free in return for some feedback and an email address.

Price Per Day

Short vacations are relatively expensive per day. Sometimes all you want is a short break, but if you can save your vacation days up, you’ll get a lot more for your money.

I once spent a whole month in India for about $400 per week. That’s probably cheaper than your average vacation, and so much more exotic. Most of a vacation cost is in travel, so you might as well take your time once you get there.

Take the Path Less Trodden

Certain parts of the world are cheaper than others, and certain areas of each country are cheaper too. If you go to the main tourist hot spots, you will pay higher prices for things, simple.

How to save money on vacation? Consider travelling to a lesser known area, get some real culture, get away from the crowds and get cheaper accommodations.

Fly When It’s Cheap

If you can be a little bit flexible about vacation dates, you can often save money traveling. Flights can be as much as 30% cheaper the week after summer vacation has ended. Equally, certain countries are more popular at certain times. Try to avoid visiting a country during its peak travel season.

Next time you're planning a vacation, try these 5 tips to save money traveling.


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