How to Save Money on Gifts for All Occasions

We all love to give our family members and friends gifts for their birthdays, holidays and other special occasions. However, when you're trying to save money, finding the perfect gift and staying within your budget can be a daunting task. Check out these helpful tips to save money on gifts for all occasions!

Offer a Service as a Gift

Are you talented at something? Do you provide a service professionally in your daily job? If so, offer a service as a gift to your loved ones. Offer to give them a mani/pedi, cook them dinner one night, babysit for them to have a night out, cut their grass, clean their house – whatever you think would benefit them most. You'd be surprised at how delighted people are over services as gifts rather than items. Plus, you save a significant amount of money!

handmade bath salts

Make Your Own Gift

There are countless handmade gifts that are truly loved and appreciated. If you can crochet, create a beautiful scarf or a throw for your loved one. If you're an artist, paint him or her a picture. Maybe you don't have any artistic talent; in that case, create an easy homemade beauty item for your loved one, like scented bath salts or sugar scrub. A handmade gift has so much thought and love mixed into it that the recipient is sure to love it no matter what it is.

Frame a Picture or Pictures as a Gift

A wonderfully touching gift is a set of framed pictures (or even just one framed picture). If it's a friend with children, take a couple fantastic snapshots of their kids, blow them up and add filters or change the colors to give it a professional look. Add a matte and frame and voila – you have an amazing gift that can be created for less than $5.

Fruit Bowl

Give Them a Prized Item of Yours

One of the most touching gifts I have ever received is a gorgeous blue pottery berry bowl. It belonged to a friend of mine and I always admired it and talked about how beautiful it was. Prior to belonging to my friend, the berry bowl had been her mother's, and had come to her along with some old recipes and china. As a wedding gift, my friend gave me the berry bowl and I couldn't have been more touched. This is always an option that will not only save money, but really show your loved one how important they are to you.

Offer an Experience as a Gift

Rather than purchasing a costly item, offer an experience. Pack a picnic and spend time with him or her at your favorite park. Be sure to include a tiny cake and a candle. If you're an artist, take him or her to a favorite place in nature and provide a canvas and paints so he or she can paint their own picture. Pack a blanket and hot chocolate for a night on the beach looking at the stars. A gift doesn't always have to come in a box!

These are just a few ways that you can save money and still provide thoughtful, meaningful gifts for the ones you love. Do you have any ideas for cheap but wonderful gifts? Let us know in the comments below.


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