How to help a homeless relative or loved one

It’s a common misconception that homeless people are on the streets because they’re lazy or addicted. People become homeless for many reasons, and its almost never a choice. Many lose their homes due to foreclosure, poverty, unemployment, mental illness, and physical injury. In all cases, they feel the only option is to hit the streets. … Read more

Amazon Flex Review

Imagine making your own hours and being your own boss. All it takes is a U.S. driver’s license and a mid-sized car to start making $18-25 an hour! Sound too good to be true? We have the good, the bad and the ugly to starting a side hustle with Amazon Flex. The Current Job Market … Read more

Top 10 Best Debt Payoff Apps

As we all have experienced, debt is easy to accumulate but hard to pay off. This is especially true if you have experienced financial difficulties along the way, such as job loss, pay cuts, medical expenses, unexpected bills and other situations that have blown apart your budget.   To get back on track, we are often … Read more

Top 10 Best eBates Alternatives | Cashback and Coupon Apps

If you like getting money – and who doesn’t? – then you may be considering joining a cash back rewards site like eBates. Many online shoppers use eBates to get 25 percent or more back on purchases from various retailers. Plus, you can use coupons to maximize your savings.  However, there are some things that users don’t like about eBates. The site has a … Read more